Handmade 2014: Our class picks version two

May 13, 2014

Going through the classes for our blog post last week, I mentally made another list of classes I really love the sound of. So! Class picks round two!

Everything in Free Range

Top of my list in the Free Range stream is absolutely Bridget McKendry's 3D printing class. I'm super curious about this way of making objects, it's so complimentary to everyday life. Bridget's also teaching how to add LEDs to paper objects - which is pretty much the most fun you can have with electronics. 


Second is Colleen Pugh's Illustration for Beginners. Colleen is best known for the cult hit tea towels, Dishes I'd Rather Be Doing (including one featuring our favourite, Ryan Gosling). Learn how to put together simple shapes for fun little illustrations. Oh, and checkout Colleen's latest inspiring project, The AntiSocial Club.

I could keep going, but really check out the whole lot. All classes look super excellent.

Hoop Wall Art with Heleen Webb

Heleen is an amazing textile artist who produces absolutely beautiful modern embroidery and fabric designs. Her class covers basic embroidery stitches, plus some more interesting and creative ones. 

Everything in the Taste stream

As per usual, the dumplings class sold out super fast, but here I am drooling over Maestro de Masa, More, More Cheese and Feast of the Southern Wild. Uh, YUM. 

 Keep your eyes on the blog tomorrow as we'll be launching our Handmade 2014 giveaway - you could be in to win a pass for you AND a friend. Hooray!


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