Pattern Round Up: what to knit next?

May 16, 2014

I had a blog post mostly written and IT DISAPPEARED. Ah, the joys the of technology. The blog post was really great. This one...probably not as great. Feel free to just look at the pretty pictures.


I've finished Ravello, and Pumpkin Ale (both of which need blog posts of their own, to come later). Little bits and pieces that have been languishing in the 'to-finish' pile are slowly being finished. So what to knit next?


Watson by Amy Miller

Back details will always grab my attention. I love love love designs which look simple from the front, but have surprises waiting on the back. I'm not 100% on the pleat but I suspect if you wanted to skip it, you could. 


Grace Kelly Sleek Pullover by Susanna IC

Back detail: tick. Knitted tee: tick. It's taken awhile for me to come round to the idea of knitting tees, but they are on my radar in a big way for the upcoming summer....which seems like a distant future right now. 


Cassandre Cowl by Julia Barrowcliffe

 So many things to love about the Cassandre cowl - the graphic leaf pattern, the edging, the yarn. Knit with Zealana Kiwi, I could cast this on immediately. Instead, I think i'll keep mulling over what I really, really want to knit. And continue finishing off all the little things. Speaking of finishing, we've got a special event in the planning, which i'll be announcing soon. Happy knitting!

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