Finished object: Ravello

May 19, 2014

Or, not quite Ravello as i've named it in my Ravelry projects. Inspired by a customer, Barbara, and her amazing version, Ravello was one of those 'I must cast on as soon as possible' projects. Slouchy, simple, stripy, all my favourite things right now. I figured it would be the perfect shop and knit night knitting, and so it was. 


Pattern: Ravello Size: M Yarn: Knitsch Sock in Silver Lining, Yellow Brick Road and Tennant


Except, my approach to knitting it was so relaxed that I missed a crucial step. Which worked out well, in the end.

1. I forgot to cast on the extra stitches under the arms

2. I knit an 5th stripe at the bust (there's only meant to be 4)

3. Because of 1, my FO is a little more snug than the pattern intends 

4. Because of said snug-ness, I went for elbow length sleeves to result in more of a top than a jersey

5. I like the unfinished neckline, so left it, well, unfinished

6. I moved the beginning of round marker so it was close to one of the sleeves rather than in the centre back to better hide the join for the stripes.


I was worried that because of the extra stripe at the bust, it would cut me off in a bad place. The photos show that line at it's worst, not helped by my not standing up terribly straight. It actually sits just fine, and I can see myself wearing this forever. A really great knit that sped along super fast (helped by my wanting to wear it pretty much immediately). I know lots of stocking stitch can get a bit tedious, but I think this pattern is worth it. A great project to haul around and keep you busy at times that might otherwise be boring. Or you're too busy chatting to pay real attention to what you're doing (like me). 


P.S The hat pictured is a new design i'll be releasing in the next couple of days - the Flat Hat. 



Shelley said:

I love it. I want my own ASAP. I will make my own ASAP.
I just need to decide on colours.


gidgetknits said:

You’re wearing Yellow Brick Road and Tennant – that can never be a bad thing! It looks brilliant!

Sally Hikaka

Sally Hikaka said:

‘not quite Ravello’ looks great & I bet it’s super comfy too :)

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