Coming soon: Madeline Tosh

June 16, 2014

I've long resisted the siren song of Madeline Tosh. It's always quietly sat on my list of yarns to stock, but I wasn't sure when the day would come i'd turn the corner and think 'Yes, it's time'. Opening a second store earlier this year seemed to be that turning point; I could no longer ignore the song. Going by how quickly we sell our Malabrigo stock, the excellent taste of our customers proves that beautiful hand-dyed yarns need to fill up more shelf space.

So, here it comes: Madeline Tosh. After waiting very impatiently, it has now shipped and will arrive with us at some point in the next two weeks. We might have a box-opening party. I'll keep you posted!



Top of my list for this order was Edison Bulb. So long have I lusted after this incredible colour, and this morning i'm sitting here knowing  i'll nab a skein or two for myself the moment it arrives. However, I don't want to break my rule of 'no yarn for you unless you're going to cast on RIGHT NOW'. This rule is very important: it means you get to buy yarn rather than all of it ending up in my personal stash. Which means I need to find a pattern for this neon yellow in a DK weight...


Beeswax hat by Amy van de Laar on ravelry

Perhaps a beeswax hat by local designer Amy van de Laar


or a Grey Loop by Helen G

but what I really want to do is stripe Edison Bulb with Robin's Egg, Pop Rocks and Smoke Stack....



a Fringed shawl by Stephen West might pull it off. Although in the interests of leaving you with some yarn to buy, i'd make it without the fringe. 


If you'd like to pre-order any of the Madeline Tosh coming our way (we have Lace on order, too), send an email to shop (at) hollandroadyarn (dot) co (dot) nz with the colour + quantity and we'll set it aside for you. There's a second (and much larger) order due to arrive mid-August, just in time for Knit August Nights. If there's a colour you're desperately lusting after, again let us know and we'll add it to the second order. Because we don't want to deny anyone their colour joy....




Amy V

Amy V said:

This is super late, but thanks for featuring my hat! My Mum just saw this yesterday and emailed me. :)

I’d love to get my hands on some Edison Bulb. Maybe in lace…?

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