Pattern Round-up: all sorts

June 18, 2014

I'll be the first to admit I haven't been overly inspired by the new designs popping up on Ravelry lately. Perhaps because it's the northern summer so all the designers are busy working on amazing winter pieces, or i've just felt a little jaded. Either way, that changed this morning. 

Firstly, who can go past a design called Zealand? Not I, and this would be an excellent pattern for Madeline Tosh DK (yes, still impatiently waiting for it to arrive)...

Zealand Falls by Cecily Glowick-MacDonald


What I am really, intensely excited about is this blanket pattern:

 Persian Dreams by Jenise Reid

An absolute vision of colour and pattern, this strikes me as one of those projects where it's ok to work on it over several years. One block at a time, slowly but surely, knitting stories into each stitch. The simplified palette of CeruleanSarah's version on Ravelry is an exercise in 'less is more' - two colours joining together for full design impact:

 CeruleanSarah's Persian Dreams (her image from Rav)

As Kate pointed out on Pinterest, Zealana Kiwi Laceweight would make for a glorious version of this project. I'm probably going to spend the rest of today obsessing over colours for it. 


If you're worried your colourwork skills aren't quite up to it, here's pretty much the perfect practice project possible (hooray alliteration!). Ysolda has done it again with the Wee Carson:


At the beginning of the year I decided to challenge my knitting skills in 2014: try new cast-ons, have a go at steeking, install a zip. Wee Carson ticks all those boxes but in a small, not-too-daunting project. If you don't have a small person to knit this pattern for, think of it as a knitted sampler - a great way to try new things without the commitment of a big project. 

Yarn with a little fuzz is needed for this one, so i'm thinking Waikiwi, a yarn we have in-store. It's a great mix of possum, merino, alpaca and nylon so it's hard wearing and super soft. I'm going to put another photo here because Ysolda manages to find the cutest kids ever for her photo shoots:


 That's not all, either. A new Brooklyn Tweed Kids collection was released overnight, and it's AMAZING. Go have a nosey and make sure you pop by the shops (online or real life) for a snuggle of some of the great yarns we have at the moment. Cascade arrives today (hooray!) and the weather is absolutely perfect for knitting. Happy Wednesday!

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