Nerd Nite Wellington: I'm speaking!

July 08, 2014

In a little under two weeks, i'm going to be speaking at Nerd Nite Wellington. It's a fun night of talks about, well, nerdy things. When I was asked, I instantly said yes - finally a reason to put together a talk on how knitting relates to coding, maths and the internet.

As i've been mulling it over, it's lead to wanting some real data on what modern knitters do for a living. Having got to know so many interesting people in this job, i'd love to have concrete evidence of what it is you do with your time when you aren't knitting. I'm hoping the results will help to illustrate a point - that knitters are smart, engaged, savvy people. 

The survey is completely anonymous and closes on Friday at 5.30pm. If the embedded form below doesn't work for you, fill it out in a new browser window. I'll share the results when I have them, and you should come along to Nerd Nite on 21 July - it'll be ace! 



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Kathryn Moser

Kathryn Moser said:

Great to discover your website!


Sophia said:

Awesome! I am going to come along :)
Sophia (always buying hat wool at Willis Street…)


Tony said:

It would be interesting to know for retired people too what their previous occupation was.


Mari said:

Good luck with your talk!

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