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July 01, 2014

Goes on sale this Thursday! Hooray! Inspired by a dye day a few months ago where everything went a good way. Sometimes mis-dyes are the happiest of accidents, and all three colours for this new yarn club are a result of one wayward dye day. 

'The Jewel Thief' is also a nice way to move into what will be a one year dyeing sabbatical. There's more detail on the Knitsch blog, if you're curious. Essentially i'm so busy just keeping up that there isn't much time for anything else, and I really do need the time. 



If you've been looking for Knitsch Sock in any of the shops lately, you'll have noticed that the stock levels are super low. This is due to a few production delays at the mill which means when we ran out of yarn base...there wasn't any more. Hopefully this week will see a new shipment with us and we'll be replenishing stock levels over the next few weeks. I'll also finally get to dyeing more of the new worsted base. 

Anyway, what you really want is the yarn club details:

‘The Jewel Thief’

3 months, 3 parcels, 3 skeins of Knitsch sock yarn each time (150g), 1 shawl pattern each parcel.

On sale: Thursday 3 July at 10am 
Shipments: late July, mid-August and mid-September 
Price: $135 plus shipping ($15 NZ, $21 Australia, $30 rest of world)

Don't freak out that there aren't any in stock right now - it will be available to purchase on Thursday. The product is there so you know exactly where you need to be on the day. 


Ms T

Ms T said:

Nick Cave and Yarn Club all in one day? Be still my (dark and woolly) beating heart!

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