Grand knitting plans: a dress.

September 22, 2014

During Knit August Nights, a friend and I decided to do our own little knit-along. Both of us being who we are, it actually isn't so little. After knitting Ravello, and deciding to knit a rainbow something in a similar style, we were talking about dresses. 

And lo, another overly ambitious project to conquer in the next 6 months. 

A dress, in 4ply (Knitsch Sock, of course). Composed of grey and a rainbow. Taking Raekkevidde as the base pattern: 

Raekkevidde dress pattern by Bente Geil

(and particularly inspired by this project from the same pattern, unsurprisingly)



It's only the beginning. The main part is going to be grey, with two row stripes of colour all the way through. Theres' going to be quite a few ends to weave in, that's for sure. But stripes are always worth it. Which makes my current knitting queue: a 4ply cardigan, a 2ply cardigan, and a 4ply dress. Sucker for punishment, me?



kathsprout said:

Looks lovely – rainbow and grey get two things up from me.

Lynda | Homelea Lass

Lynda | Homelea Lass said:

Your rainbow dress plans sound exciting and amazing!



bekswhoknits said:

ooooh!!! I’ve always wanted to knit a dress. But I’m scared that it won’t fit me or I won’t like it when it’s finished.
I always have 4 cardigan / jumpers that I’ve knit but I never seem to wear them.
Rainbow and grey is a great combinatino.


Shelley said:

That is going to be gorgeous. One day I will knit a dress. But I will see how yours goes first. ;)

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