Story Window: Day one.

September 25, 2014

With World or Wearable Arts in town again, and having a shop in town for the first time, we have a little something special happening. I may not have been organised enough to enter the official window competition, but we're going to join in all the same. 


If you've ever knit with our giant knitting needles, your stitches make up the centre piece. With this in mind, our concept evolved. 

'Where am I?' she wondered, emerging from the darkness. 'What is this place?'


Welcome to our story window. Each day the shop is open during the Wearable Arts season, we will add a line to the story, and details to the window space. As the days go by, you'll have the chance to direct the story, and even add to the window itself. A real life 'watch this space' in the Grand Arcade store.

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