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November 18, 2014

Amidst the busy-ness of the end of year, Knitsch Yarns is now officially on sabbatical. (don't fret if you are one of the two or three people waiting on yarn, it will happen in my one last dye day that is lined up). If you want to nab any of the last few skeins, you have two options: pop by the Petone store (there is a handful of sock and worsted on the shelves). Or, enter a competition!


Some of these colours may or may not be in the prize pack. It's a mystery!


There's a slowly growing pile of Knitsch that needs a new home - some beautiful seconds, some original skeins from right back when I first started dyeing. A real spectrum of the five years that has been the Knitsch journey so far. They are all being added to a paper bag, a bag that may end up with you. 


How to enter? Just comment on this post! That's it. Make sure you do so by 5pm Monday 24 November, and i'll draw a winner on Tuesday morning. 


I want to say thank you for all the Knitsch love - it really means a lot. And I want to emphasise that this certainly isn't the end of Knitsch - oh no! I'm already thinking about what new yarn bases I might like to add to the range, how to change our processes and how to better keep up with demand when Knitsch returns late next year. I will also be selling Knitsch Sock at Unwind in March, and Knit August Nights in August. So you won't have to go entirely without. 

xx Tash


Elise H

Elise H said:

Enjoy your time off – everyone needs to recenter themselves :)


Taryn said:

Love your yarn – and colours! Glad I’ve stocked up… but is it enough????


Melinda said:

we’ll miss you knitsch! (However I do have a wee bit on hand to help get through the drought) but am just beginning a second tubularity for a breast cancer fundraiser and hoping to get it done in fifty shades of pink :)…..and knitsch sock made an awesome Tubularity for my first one! (Hint hint) Have a great rest from the pressure of supplying us yarn fiends tho Tash…you deserve it :)


Barbara said:

I need the next year to get through all the Knitsch I’ve gathered around me…and then start all over again! I hope you find the next year is everything you need it to be.

Tamzin Coull

Tamzin Coull said:

Tash good luck with your new direction!

Jill S

Jill S said:

You dye such beautifully saturated colors. Please don’t be away for too long. You’ll be missed!


Rachel said:

Oh I jyst my knitsch stash. Grow stash grow!


Raelene said:

yes please!!! One can never have enoh of this fabulous yarn!!


Kirsten said:

Beautiful colours! I’d love to knit something up with one/all of these :)


sabe said:

So glad to hear that it’s not the end of knitsch! I just finally blocked my Oyster shawl in knitsch and it’s beautiful!


Megan said:

Knitsch is my favourite yarn. Ever. I will be patiently waiting for its return, and I do hope you have a refreshing sabbatical.


Maureen said:

enjoy your rest will miss your yarn


Bridget said:

pretty! I hope your sabbatical gives you the breathing room to do the things you want

Karen B

Karen B said:

What a stunning rainbow! I only discovered Knitsch a couple of months ago and haven’t had room in the yarn budget to grab any before now. Enjoy your break, I look forward to seeing what you do when you come back!


Charlotte said:

I’m excited for the future of knitsch but keen to embrace the last of the past. All the best with your break

margaret hutson

margaret hutson said:

Hope you enjoy your well deserved break, and look forward to the return of your gorgeous yarn .
Hoping santa leaves a few skeinz of sock yarn hanging in my stocking or even better still a xmas elf to knit all the socks I have planned ;)


Shelley said:

Enjoy the well-earned sabbatical. I look forward to plotting more things with you. :)


Mel said:

soooo gorgeous… I love knitsch I shall miss it while you are on your hiatus but I have a few snaffled skeins in stash.
Enjoy your break


Frederique said:

A colourful yarn surprise is such a lovely thing to wish for.
Enjoy your sabbatical year!


Rewa said:

good luck with your sabbatical break Tash! So excited to see what you come up with in a year (do you think this could potentially include an extended rainbow kit for next Christmas? I would be so in for that!). <3

Lynda | Homelea Lass

Lynda | Homelea Lass said:

Congratulations on starting your Knitsch sabatical! I’m looking forward to seeing where you head.

I’d love a bag of mystery Knitsches!



Julia said:

I really loved knitting with this bouncy colourful yarn, I hope the year off gives you plenty of relaxation and inspiration for some fantastic new colourways :)


Lisa said:

Golly. Just look at that glorious rainbow. And if you can make that happen on little sleep and virtually no time off while building a yarn empire, just imagine the treats in store for us next year! Happy sabbatical. xox

Helen McLean

Helen McLean said:

I’m up to my fourth pair of socks this year, the most I’ve ever knitted of anything, ever! I’m looking forward to seeing the guest wools.

Jane Clink

Jane Clink said:

Oh Tash! I will miss all of your brilliant Knitsch colours. But I am so excited for the new things you will bring to us next year! Have a great time! Cheers, Jane


Trina said:

So many gorgeous colours! I’d love to win some :)


Sue said:

Best wishes for your future plans, and in the meantime it’s very very exciting to have an opportunity to enter a competition to possibly win some of your gorgeous yarn :-)


Hester said:



Bronté said:

I love your yarn, I’m going to miss it even though it may be temporary. Have a lovely break and I’m sure it will be worth the wait for the rest of us ❤️


Kim said:

Short and simple : Yes PLease!


Celia said:

Have a fantastic creative break. Enjoy!


Janette said:

yes please Tash. Love kitsch and am going to miss it!!


Becky said:

Have a great break :)


bekswhoknits said:

Have a lovely break – it’s well deserved.

You make me wish I lived in New Zealand.


Clare said:

Oh man oh man oh man. Please count me in! X


Kate said:

All productive fields need a fallow period!
(Also, if I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll sort the postage to oz)


Kirsty said:

I am just glad I have a mini stash of knitsch to tide me over till this time next year!

Sharron Logan

Sharron Logan said:

I love knitting with your yarn and love the colours.


Odette said:

winning this would be the best early Christmas present! It might get me through all the pre-christmas stress. I’ve definitely been a good enough girl all year. Ps enjoy your Christmas break :-)


Kristina said:

Looking forward to Knitsch 2.0!

Bronwyn McGuire

Bronwyn McGuire said:

I came to visit your lovely shop when I was up in September. I had to have some of that Knitsch! <3


Tehmina said:

I love the Knitsch yarn I bought as a treat to help me start learning to knit socks this year. And I plan to have it all used up and be wearing new socks when you are back to dyeing again so I have room to buy more. Enjoy your sabbatical!

hayley warren

hayley warren said:

I’d love to win some of your wool :)
I haven’t knitted any socks for aaaages, it’s always fun once you get going. Although I do suffer from second sock syndrome so have to be knitting another colour pair at the same time :)


Mary said:

Fingers crossed there will be a bit left in the store til Friday, travelling to Wellington then! Enjoy your break.

Jessica Powers

Jessica Powers said:

Going to miss your dyeing, so I have had a wee stash collection going in preparation, hehe. Any of those photographed skeins would be a swell addition to my little Knitsch habit. Very glad I found you back in 2010 when I first came down to NZ on a ‘real’ visa to stay – here you are regrouping the business, and we’re just about to send away my last visa application! Enjoy the time thinking up new horizons to aim for!


KathyM said:

I have just dug out 3 skeins of dark red Knitsch to make something from the Ravelry indie designers kal. Just can’t quite make up my mind as to which one to make


Victoria said:

It’s my birthday this weekend and I would love a (first) chance to knit your yarn!


Karen said:

Wishing you a wonderfully, relaxing timeout, Tash!


Nancy said:

Can’t wait to see what colours you dream up when you start dying again. Just love the rainbow of yarn in the photo beautiful!


Dawn said:

I have not tried Knitsch but would dearly love to!


WS said:

I am really excited to see what you will come up with next year. My stash of Knitsch is going to be very severely depleted and in much need of restoration by the time you come back with your glorious new creations. Enjoy the sabbatical!


Katherine said:

Enjoy your break :-)


Hani said:

Have a great break!


Ashleigh said:

Beautiful colours! This package would certainly keep me going for a while :)


Linda said:

Those colors in your picture are beautiful!!! I’d love to try your yarn.
Lmecoll on Ravelry


Jennifer said:

Congratulations on your sabbatical, and although it will be so difficult to wait, it’s wonderful to know that you’ll have time for yourself to figure things out calmly without the pressures that come with running a business. Take care of yourself!


Petrina said:

What a wonderful opportunity you are offering.


merryamethyst said:



Donelle said:

Knitsch is just beautiful, and completely addictive – I love it! Enjoy your well-earned break Tash, and I will be eagerly waiting its return when the time comes for you to get back into it :-)


Kate said:

Have fun experimenting with new things during your sabbatical! Looking forward to the return of an even-more-amazing Knitsch.


Imogen said:

I have just learnt to knit this year and this would be a wonderful addition to my newly-founded stash!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas break! :)


Nat said:

❤️ So looking forward to seeing what your sabbatical brings xx


Rachelle said:

Have a good time during your break


Holly said:

Enjoy your break!


Jenny said:

Oh what luscious colours there are! I live near Palmy, and haven’t yet managed to visit your store…oh I wish you were closer.


Wendy said:

Looks gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win!


Crystal said:

Happy sabbatical!


Kirsty said:

Oooooh pretty colours!


celeritas2 said:

You are amazing! Have a great time discovering new creative experiences.


Karen said:

Enjoy the break and look forward to seeing knitsch in 12 months when you’re refreshed.


Michelle said:

I was so disappointed to miss you when I visited NZ. I’ve got a special space reserved in my stash just for some yummy Knitsch yarn! Enjoy your break x


Jenny said:

Hope you have a wonderful break and come back full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Gorgeous colours! Just right for a certain wee girl coming into our lives soon


Edith said:

Enjoy the break!!You will have time to smell the flowers and the seas. Who knows what colours we will see in your new range.

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson said:

It is a much needed and well-deserved break. May it refresh your spirits and inspire your future projects!

If I win – I promise to knit a pair of socks (albeit slowwwlllyyy)


Caren said:

Have a lovely holiday from Knitsch, Tash!


Sheryl said:

Omg I would love this – I just found Knitsch when I heard you were going on sabbatical!


Awilda said:

You deserve a break after all those beautiful skeins Tash! I hope your sabbatical is full of rest, happiness, and inspiration! :)


Bex said:

About to go in Knitsch withdrawl in 5…4…3…
Seriously, enjoy your very, very, very, well deserved break!


Sarah said:

Made a pilgrimage to the Willis St store when in Welly recently, and picked up the blunderbuss colour way. Love all the kitsch colours!


Lexe said:

I am newly addicted to sock knitting and would LOVE this- looks truly gorgeous.


Ikkinlala said:

I hope you have a great sabbatical!

Sara McKee

Sara McKee said:

I hope you have a good break from dying Tash. Have a good stash saved up for the mean time

Siamak Dehghan

Siamak Dehghan said:

My girlfriend made me write this. Enjoy your break :)


jane said:

Have a well deserved break


Deb said:

Wishing you a restful, inspiring break. Looking forward to seeing your creativity return next year. Look after yourself.


Alice said:

Enjoy taking a break and getting some inspiration and enthusiasm back, in the meantime we’ll all be knitting the hundreds of knitsch skeins sitting in our stashes!
I’d love to win, it would be AWESOME!


Kirsty said:

Have a lovely break Tash… and what a delightful idea for a knitsch prize!


Pauline said:

Knitsch, glorious knitsch. Perfect for socks, mitts, baby gear….


Maree said:

Enjoy your well deserved break – you have earned it!
BTW have a great birthday :-) xxx


jane said:

Have used knitsch to make some baby clothes. Loved how they turned out. Enjoy your break Tash

Pepper Curry

Pepper Curry said:

Aw yay, a must deserved respite. Enjoy your time off!!!

That yarn looks amazing and I would be mad stoked to win it. :D


Elisabeth said:

It’s amazing how far you’ve come in those 5 years Tash. I’ve loved watching your journey from the sidelines, and you’ve been an inspiration to me in my own business journey too. Who knows, by the time you start up the dyeing again next year, I might have even made it through my stash of sock yarn!


Mike said:

bye for now Knitch have a great break.


Megan said:

Just FYI, my Hitchhiker in Looking Glass is probably my favourite of all the things I have knitted. <3


Kate said:

Enjoy a well deserved break! With love from Knitschmidt… See. Your yarn would feel right at home with me. ;)


Ana said:

What a gorgeous spectrum! I hope you have a relaxing sabbatical :)


Rachel said:

I need more knitsch sock!!


Jo said:

I’m quite slow off the mark to comment – but had to say enjoy your sabbatical. Hopefully it is as inspiring and relaxin for you as all of the Knitsch yarn I have bought over the years has been for me.


HRYC said:

Congratulations Sabe! You won! I’ll send you an email! <3


Liz said:

Reading about Knitsch makes my fingers itch to knit some stripey socks :)

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