2018 CAL: Choose Your Own Adventure Crochet Afghan

December 13, 2017

Choose your own adventure blanket - image by Polly Plum

After taking a year off from crocheting blankets, I’m ready to embrace another crochet afghan CAL. This one will be similar to the one from 2015, (check out the album on our Facebook page!) with new patterns and a few twists. 

Although we’re not planning to start until January, I’m posting this description now to give you plenty of time to think about options and to plan your yarn. HRYC can order in more yarn specifically for your project (anything we typically stock), but options from overseas supplies like Cascade can take awhile to arrive, especially around the holidays, so it would be better to order them sooner rather than later.

I know the description below is long. The tl;dr version: Select and make 1–4 patterns per month from any of 4 categories, depending on your intended blanket size, interest, and time.

[UPDATE - links to each month's blog posts below]


Choose Your Own Adventure CAL 
Jan 2018–Dec 2018

Choice #1: How big? 
Blanket size options run from 9 (3×3 baby blanket) up to 35 (5×7 bedspread) squares. Plan to make 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 25, 30, or 35 squares. 
Depending on your selected size, you will aim to make 1–4 squares/month 
Although all suggested patterns were written for 10ply, yarn weights 4ply through 12ply can be used; just adjust the hook size to match 
12ply (6–6.5mm), 10ply (5–5.5mm), 8ply (4.5–5mm), 5ply (3.5–4mm), 4ply (3–3.5mm)

Choice #2: Colour, texture, or both? 
While any square can be made single-coloured or multi-coloured, some are better suited for one or the other. Pick all squares from the same suggested category or use ½ & ½ to form a checkerboard.

Choice #3: How challenging? 
Suggested patterns for the basic CAL will progress in difficulty over the months, starting with beginner-friendly options. Secondary “challenge” squares will also be included each month as additional options for more adventurous/advanced crocheters.

Planned progression:

  • Each month, a selection of pattern options will be posted in each of 4 categories (Standard single colour, Standard multi-colour, Challenge single colour, Challenge multi-colour). These will include both free and for-purchase (“paid”) patterns.

  • Any paid patterns must be purchased individually. However, sufficient free pattern options will be included in the Standard options such that a full blanket could be made from only free patterns.

  • Each pattern list will specify whether individual patterns are paid or free options and will highlight patterns that include photo or video tutorials.

  • The pattern lists will link to the Ravelry entry for each pattern. The patterns themselves will not be posted.

Notes about the pattern options

  • Pattern options posted for earlier months will intentionally be composed of more patterns than later months because patterns from any previous month can be substituted as desired.

  • A substantial portion of the pattern options will be designs by Polly Plum, both because her designs are gorgeous and because her patterns are well-written, often including photo and/or video tutorials.

  • Patterns from the HRYC 2015 Afghan Square CAL will not be repeated in the official pattern options, but feel free to use them as additional options if you missed out last time.

  • To participate, just follow along in the Ravelry Discussion Thread, posting photos, comments, and questions. Feel free to bring your squares along to “Knit” Night at HRYC on Thursdays if you’d like company or help.


Sue Green

Sue Green said:

Hi Kate,

Is it ok to take part with stash yarn? Seems a bit mean to be in an HR event and not buy from you for it, but my stash is huge!

Best from Sue

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