2018 Crochet Blanket CAL: January squares

December 31, 2017

Here you go - the month 1 blanket CAL options. If you want to catch up on what we're doing, pop by Ravelry!

For more info, see our first blog post with all the details

I’m posting your month 1 options now so you can make plans (or start early if you can’t stand to wait…).

Month 1 (January 2018)

Standard Single Color

Marigold square by Polly Plum

Marigold by Polly Plum (free; photo tutorial)

Octoghan by Agrarian Artisan

Octoghan by Agrarian Artisan (free; has chart)

Begin the Beguine by Polly Plum


Begin the Beguine by Polly Plum (free; video tutorial)

Standard Multi-color

Square by Polly Plum

Simbelmynë by Polly Plum (free; photo tutorial)

Cluster circle in a square

Cluster Circle In A Square by Joanita Theron (free; photo tutorial)

Serenity by Polly Plum

Serenity by Polly Plum (PAID)

George by Polly Plum

George by Polly Plum (PAID)

Challenge Single Color

fools rush in by Polly Plum

Fools Rush In by Polly Plum (PAID; video tutorial)

Challenge Multi-Color

Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton

Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton with optional Border for Spiro Star by Margaret MacInnis (both free)

Ilsa by Polly Plum

Ilsa by Polly Plum (PAID; photo tutorial)

Pick as many blocks as you like from any category. The headings of single/multi-color are merely suggestions for patterns that I thought would look particularly nice in 1 vs. 2+ colors; don’t let that hold you back if you want to change things up.

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