Handmade 2015: our class picks

May 13, 2015

Handmade is upon us once more, and we are pleased to take part with running the Knit Lounge and even hosting some classes. There are all sorts of extra activities planned, but the first and most important thing is to get set up with some great class picks.

Running over two days on Queen's Birthday weekend, it's the perfect excuse to learn something new, hang out with friends, take some time for yourself and enjoy all Wellington has to offer. This year the Knit Lounge will be based at the Michael Fowler Centre, right slap-bang in the middle of the city. Wait, I was going to tell you my class picks...

Make a Fabric Lampshade

There's a lampshade in my life that is in desperate need of recovering. Head along and learn how to put beautiful fabric on a lampshade without burning the house down. This one's super popular, but the excellent people at Handmade have added an extra session. Best not miss out.

Clay Tea-Light Holders


I saw this class and immediately thought how great it would be to take my step-daughter along. The tea-light holders class is the chance to get your hands dirty but make something lovely and useful. 

Hexagon Quilt As You Go


There is something infinitely satisfying about hand-sewing. Yes, it might take a long time, but it can be meditative and therapeutic rather than tedious. And oh, the satisfaction of making something so beautiful tiny stitch by tiny stitch. 


Elementary Embroidery


Yes, yes I am all about fabric and hand stitching this year. The lovely Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy will take you along on the journey of embroidery. Simple, lovely. Like drawing, but with needle and thread and you don't need to be some amazing artist to create beautiful projects.


There's plenty more where these came from - and i'll be looking at all the yarn & fibre related ones soon. Only a couple weeks to go - this year is flying by scarily fast!

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