Pattern ideas: Shawls & Wraps & Scarves

May 19, 2015

Casting around in my stash this morning, I got to thinking about what to do with those special skeins of yarn. You know the ones - usually 4ply, just one precious 100g skein, hand-dyed and with some sort of sentiment attached. Most of my (small, in case you're wondering) stash is made up exactly these yarns - picked up on my travels and full of glorious, vibrant colour. 

What to do with one skein? If socks aren't your thing, or it feels as if it needs to be something a bit fancier, here's a few ideas. With the cool weather, i've gone for wraps and shawls, perfect for tucking in to winter coats.


Lionberry Shawl

Designed for a single skein of Madeline Tosh Dandelion, Lionberry combines lace and texture to make the most of Dandelion's vibrant hand-dyed hues.

Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart

I've loved Pebble Beach for a long time - and Helen's just re-released the pattern with 2 more sizes and a lace weight option. You may see me knitting a bright pink version of this very shortly.

Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska

Another great shawl from Justyna - with carefully balanced lace and cable edging on a simple eyelet background. Some of the Dark Harbour Yarn, gracing the Indie Shelf this month, would be absolutely stunning made up as this shawl.


Outline by Beata Jezek

And once you've knit all those lovely things with the lovely yarns, there's always a bit left. The Outline scarf is an interesting take on the chevron patterns around - and the perfect way to keep all those ends of balls in one useful and memory-filled project.



Susan said:

Very timely thanks Tash, I started the ‘moon and stars’ shawl but decided it wasn’t really me, and was in a dilemma what to make. These are great suggestions thank you!

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