Never Not Knitting

February 24, 2011

Now that the yarn is on the shelves, my attention has moved to patterns. The first that i've jumped at getting is those from Alana of the Never Not Knitting podcast.

They are presented so beautifully, and the patterns themselves are simply gorgeous. Hopefully I'll have them instore by the 3rd of March.

Are there any great pattern designers out there whose patterns I should stock? Let me know!

delish!Click the image to get through to the Never Not Knitting site



Alison said:

Oh yay! I love Alana’s patterns and have knitted a couple. Would you look at getting the Shetland Trader book? And Hannah Fettig (knitbot) if she does printed patterns.


Char said:

How about Churchmouse patterns?


Rebecca said:

Tikki’s patterns are definitely popular. Gorgeous shop wish I lived closer to Wellington :)


Kirsten said:

Hi Tash, love the look of your shop, wish I was in Wellington so I could come visit!
Cecily Glowik MacDonald of Winged Knits has just started selling print copies of her patterns, her designs are wonderful!

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