The real deal

February 25, 2011

Somehow photos of the shop haven't made it on here! So, for those of you that haven't made it yet, here are some snaps from the phone...

It's also looking to be quite busy on Saturday afternoon for the Crafternoon Tea with Granny G - i'd recommend bringing a chair and being prepared for a warm shop!

Also, the eftpos isn't arriving until Monday - grrr - but there is the atm next door, which is handy dandy. Yay!



Simone said:

Looks lovely, wish I could bury my face in a bunch of pretty yarn and forget about the world right now. Maybe in a few more months! Hope to visit sometime soon.

Café Chick

Café Chick said:

I hope to pop in sometime soon and check it out!


Kiwiyarns said:

Well, I must be among the population of the blind, because I walked up and down Jackson St at least four times trying to find your shop and couldn’t! How’s that for frustration! Any chance of putting a phone number on this site so a shopper can call if they get lost…?


Tash said:

Oh that’s a bummer! I’m on 0211412264. If you get to the water spring, i’m about diagonally opposite, next to the National Bank :D

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