August 14, 2011

Busy procrastinating in the shop as it is chilly as anything outside. Perfect, perfect knitting weather. The sign should have turned to closed almost 20 minutes ago, but for now cosy is the best option.

And catching up on some blogs.

The lurgy has been doing the rounds this week, and so thoughts have been of big cuddly scarves to keep one's throat warm and protected from the chill.

Which is why six and a half stitches stands out today - and her incredible yarn and knit photography. We'd quite happily pop these on our wall as art (click on the images to link through to the source)

The pattern is the Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho - a fantastic combination of texture and hugeness.

Definitely on our list of must knits - possibly out of the new teal Cascade Eco + that arrived this week. NOM.

What are you knitting to keep the chill away? And do you LOVE snow as much as us? It NEVER snows in Wellington and yet we've got a load of snow symbols in the weather forecast for the next few days - hooray!



Jenny said:

Just discovered the wonderful Purl Soho blog and earmarked that very pattern. Also watching the snow building up on my Wellington window- magic!


Simone said:

SNOW! I missed it, staying in cambridge. Boo. Our house would have been freezing so I will live! I am currently obsessed with yellow too right now and have wanted to cowl or mobius for ages. However big fat soft yellow yarn? So far in my land of dreams… I am hoping to find some in Knit Napier this weekend….

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