Lots of lovely...

August 18, 2011

It's such a treat to arrive in the shop after a day's yarn dyeing and find huge piles of new goodies to play with! Once we finally stopped rolling around in it, we stopped to snap some pics for you...

Gorgeous Endare 4ply from Rare Yarns - 70% alpaca 30% merino mmmmmm

Our Endare colour card

Bright and cheerful Happy Go Knitty hand-dyed cotton

More Scrumptious Lace! Hooray! We're hoping more Scrumptious sport will arrive very soon.

The shop is chock-a-block full of yarn at the moment - it's so wonderful to be surrounded by such gorgeous colours and textures. We're in the midst of putting together a really lovely, feel good collaborative project - something that will hopefully bring some joy to everyone involved. Announcement soon! x

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