On a boat. Sort of.

September 12, 2011

After two customers in a row picked up red & blue for their next knitting projects, and having had a good browse through the fashion mags recently, the maritime trend will be unavoidable for the next few months. So: some ideas!

Cascade 220  - looking tres chic ($15 per 100g skein, 10ply, 100% wool)

Harvest for a bit of heathery texture (merino, cashmere, alpaca, & more, $5 for 50g, 8ply)

Prism ($5 for 50g, certified organic 8ply)

Gorgeous vintage, perfect for bubs ($5 per 50g, 8ply)

Knitsch Sock ($12.95 for 50g, 100% NZ merino)

And if you need ideas for Spring Maritime projects...

A Daybreak by Stephen West...or a Clockwork...or a Creekbed (gosh, we do love stripes! And Stephen West!)

Or you could stripe up the lovely Julia's Young Einstein for a small person. Actually, what is on your list to knit this Spring? Share!



Tash said:

It may be an issue with your gauge – and it does soften up after washing. Try going down a needle size or two to create a denser fabric.


Violet said:

Hi, I bought some Cascade 220 superwash from a while back (lovely paua colour) and after I machine washed it and dried it flat, it went completely saggy. I’m going to unravel it and make something else – have you got any suggestions to prevent it sagging on me next time?

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