We love the Purl Bee

November 09, 2011

In the age of the internets, it is a glorious thing to be able to peek into shops on the other side of the world, and be inspired.

One day, hopefully soon, I SHALL go to Purl Soho.

In the meantime, I'm going to share some of their really fantastic projects from the shop blog, the Purl Bee. I love how much they share on their blog - lots and lots of patterns (many free), great sewing projects, hints and tips.

Clicking on an image will take you to the project on the Purl Bee site, and below I've added the Ravelry link if it's available.

Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan

Big Snowy Owl! SO AWESOME!

Colorblock Hand Warmers (i'd love to knit these in Knitsch Sock)

Granny Stripe Blanket (need to improve my crochet skills so I can make this...)

Ahem. My queue may have just got substantially longer.

xx tash



teresa said:

I LOVE the Purl Bee site too! I’m knitting a Bandana Cowl now


Jenny said:

I adore the Purl Bee! There’s always something new that i want to make every time I look. They are amazing.

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