Cardis to covet (& two boyfriends)

November 10, 2011

Writing these posts is ace. Why? It means the best excuse EVER to have a nosey around Ravelry and drool over patterns.

Despite the warmer weather, I'm already thinking about next winter. Currently on the floor of the laundry, waiting to be washed, is my Owls jersey. It was finished about this time last year, and was worn for all of five minutes as it was way too warm for late Spring. Over the past 6 months shop customers have probably grown a bit sick of seeing me wear it - it is now an absolute staple and wardrobe favourite.

Trouble is, this is first year I've really knit a lot of garments. Next winter, i'd quite like some more variety.

Already in the queue is this and this - but it never hurts to look, right?

OMG I MUST KNIT THIS: if only because of the blurb

'So, you’ve got two boyfriends. It’s ok. Really, it happens to the best of us. The problem? It’s hard to keep them straight. Who like sushi and who likes Thia? Which one is the Packers fan? Who did you make the date with on Friday?

A) Get a notebook, and B) Knit this sweater! One of them likes blue and one of them likes green? With this sweater you can make them both happy!

Only have one boyfriend? Ryan Reynold’s favorite color is yellow, James McAvoy’s favorite color is green, George Clooney’s favorite color is red, Nathan Fillion’s favorite color is brown, Lee Pace’s favorite color is navy, and Ron Weasley’s favorite color is black. Wait. What?! Ron Weasley? Haha. How did he sneak in here?'


Also, i'm a sucker for a good shawl collar (not that I've ever knit one):

Larch by Amy Christoffers

Another Amy Christoffers - which goes to show we REALLY need to make sport weight our yarn of the year in 2012.

Have you already started planning your 2012 knits yet? Or is it just me that is slightcrazyobsessive?

(as per ususal, click on the image to go through to the Ravelry page)

xx tash



Natarsha said:

yip! i’ve got some sweaters planned for my daughters for Winter 2012. I’m on to my second one already. I’m just happy i stuck with knittting this year, and i’ve learned a wee bit, and have come a long way… so i’m hoping 2012 will be even awesomer knitting from me :)


kreachr said:

Nope, you’re not alone ;-) I have sweater-lots of yarn for… four sweaters sitting here, waiting to be knit up for next year. It seems the queue never stops growing!!

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