The return of: Music Monday!

February 06, 2012

Hooray! And apologies for the unexpected music post hiatus.

Last week saw me and a buddy up at the Laneways Festival in Auckland - an indie music fest that originated in a laneway in Melbourne (my fave Australian city). Like many great ideas, it has become a larger, more international affair that means us kiwis have the chance to enjoy it in our home country.

Anywho, I got to know Feist. I love everything about this song...enjoy!



rachelle said:

Hey Tash, I had fun watching this with hubby on a Saturday morning, in bed while we decided who would make the milo and porridge. I always want to walk the ‘wrong’ way on these things. Loved the song too. Fun fun. Great vid. Loving ur blog. And I agree, its definitely not a knitting circle. Keep on sharing the love as u do. I think ur fabulous. x

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