The queue project: update

April 21, 2012

A much needed update on the queue project: so far, so good.

I've finished Manu! Hooray!

Manu, by Kate Davies, knit in Cascade 220 SW sport

And I've got the tiniest wee bit left to go on Interlocking Leaves (anyone have the tiniest bit of Knitsch Sock Pencarrow floating around so I can finish?)

Leave me a beer

Knitting and beer - what could possibly go wrong??

All but done - Interlocking Leaves by Kelly Porpiglia

And Aidez has been cast on - two sleeves are done...but as I'm knitting in the round I need to sit down and put the two cable charts together so that I don't make an almighty mess.

There have been a few distractions, especially with the gorgeous Blue Sky Alpaca yarns arriving. Added to that is the problem of picking project that are tricky to knit on Thursday nights, or when hanging out with customers in the shop. Just quietly there's a second queue project going on - for projects knit specifically for shop display and easy enough that one can chat, knit and be distracted from.

What are you working on? Are you queue project-ing with me? Are you worring (like I am!) that you won't achieve all your knitty goals for the year?



Alice said:

I’ve missed so many posts Tash! Your socks are just amazing, and loving the cardigan too. Congratulations on being in the revised version of Crafty Girls Road trip! Looking forward to seeing you next week when I come to Wellington! X


Tash said:

Oh yay! Can’t wait to see you! xx

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