Handmade 2012: Our yarny picks

May 04, 2012

In the run-up to Handmade 2012, we've put together a list of classes that will be super awesome and we KNOW will sell out fast. If you're in two minds about any, book! Trust us, these teachers are fantastic and you will come away being a better crafter for it.

Twice the Fun - Two Handed Stranded Knitting

Expert level class taught by Morag McKenzie

If you've ever wanted to improve your colourwork skills, GO TO THIS CLASS. It's that simple.

Spinning A Yarn

Beginner level taught by Frances Strachl

Lots of people have been asking about spinning classes lately, and I must say i'm now addicted to spinning. Learn how to use a drop spindle - the best, most portable way of entering the world of spinning yarn.

This is my spinning, on a spindle made by the amazing Frances. Don't judge me, i'm still learning!

Just Add Beads

Skilled level taught by Stella Lange

A class i'd take if there was a chance to run away from the Knit Lounge for a couple of hours. I've a pretty strong suspicion beads in knitting is one of those trends that will start to emerge over the next couple of years so this is the perfect way to get in and learn early.

Have you booked in yet? What are you going to? Are you trying something completely and totally new or taking the leap to upgrade your skills? Let us know!



Kathsprout said:

I’m doing the spinning one and the learning to read your knitting one (taught by Morag). I’m looking forward to not having to unravel things so far when I make a mistake!

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