Yarn Review: Spud & Chloe Sweater

May 05, 2012

When I first started looking at Spud & Chloe, still uncertain as to if I'd order it for the shop, it made me weak at the knees just looking at pictures of it. The clear, bright colours, the smooth yarn with a touch of shine and some obvious bounce....oh, what dreams are made of!

It hasn't failed to deliver. An unusual mix for us kiwis, it is a superwash mix of 55% wool 45% cotton. The cotton gives it an interesting feel - smooth, sturdy and super, super squishy.

After watching some of the regulars pick it up and start blankets with it, I finally gave in and joined them. Spud & Chloe Sweater is an honest to goodness delight to knit with. The excuse for casting on was that I needed shop knitting - something easy to pick up and put down and chat over. But really, I just wanted the pure and simple enjoyment of knitting with something so gorgeous.

Quick round-up: Spud & Chloe is divine. Squishy, soft, excellent drape, good stitch definition. Bright, clear colours that work for kids and adults alike. With the added bonus of being superwash (note that I haven't washed it yet!). I have heard from a few people that some knitters aren't that stoked with how it wears in adult garments. My advice: seeing as it contains cotton, try to avoid using it on the three bumps: boobs, bum, elbows. If you can't avoid them, go for a pattern with positive ease (i.e. loose fitting). It will stretch downwards due to the weight of the cotton - so if you're taller, don't worry too much about adding extra rows for length. A customer mentioned reading advice to throw it in the dryer after washing - not until it is completely dry, but enough to get 90% of the moisture out. Just like your jeans, the cotton will shrink a bit and pull back to its old shape. Then block out as you usually would.

I'll be writing up the pattern for the blanket i'm knitting as soon as it's done. It's been selling super fast but we have plenty on the shelves still and more due in a few weeks. Come and have a squish for yourself!

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