Handmade 2012: Sofia & Amigurumi

May 24, 2012

The lovely Sofia is our guest blogger today: she has been busy teaching absolute beginners here at the shop over the past couple of months. Every single one of her students has come out of the classes with great big smiles of success. You can sign up for her Amigurumi Vintage Rabbit class at Handmade 2012 here (it's under the World category, rather than yarn).

Take it away, Sofia!

I love Amigurumi

The word is said and spelled ‘A-mi-gu-ru-mi’.  It’s not as big a tongue twister as you might think, though I have to admit to taking weeks to get it right myself.  The reason I love Amigurumi  so much:

1. I love toys.
2.  I love that it doesn’t take much yarn.
3. I love that it’s so easy for a beginner crocheter to make something so CUTE

It’s possible to knit Amigurumi toys, (the word translates literally to crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) however I’m a total newb at knitting and the knitted toys I’ve seen often require a LOT of short rows.  Crocheted toys are generally worked in the round, you only need to know how to create a chain, single crochet stitch and how to thread yarn onto a needle to sew in the ends and attach the various body parts.  But oh, the results are so cute.  Here’s a few Amigurumi projects that make people ooooh and aaaah the most.



Ballet Bunny!

I dream of making these in the future...

Lollo the African Flower Bear by Heidi Bears

Padma by Dawn Toussaint

Fish to Sushi by Irene Kiss

Dreamy Giraffes by Irene Strange

Amigurumi has opened up the world of ‘yarn’ to me, I am now also learning to knit and spin.  I have a queue that’s forever growing with various projects I dream about.  Non-toy projects are taking more of my attention as my various crochet and knitting skills increase, however those toys will always be my first yarn love.   So now getting others ‘hooked’ is one of my spare time activities, I can’t wait to see what others create and how their own yarn addictions develop as they too gain more confidence.



Helga said:

Thanks for the reminder Tash, have just signed up for her Saturday class, looking forward to it :-)

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