Giveaway time! Go to Handmade on us!

May 24, 2012

Hip hip hooray!

We have a 'Twice as Nice' pass to give to one lovely person...and we're going to spot you a couple of vouchers for High Tea at Sweet Pea (valued at $40) AND a $50 Holland Road Shop Voucher....

So what do you need to do in order to win?

Simply comment below (make sure you include your email address in the comment form), post on our Facebook timeline, or Tweet @knitsch of what you're most looking forward to doing at Handmade. Simple as that! Just be sure to do it by 5pm Monday 28 May NZ time.

We'll draw the winner at random at 5.30pm on Monday, and will be in touch via email/FB message/DM straight away so you can get planning your weekend!

Quickly, to be clear:

WIN: A Twice as Nice pass to Handmade 2012, High Tea for two at Sweet Pea in Petone, $50 HRYC gift voucher
HOW: comment, facebook, or tweet us what you're looking forward to
WHEN: by 5pm Monday 28 May NZ time

Small print: If we can't get in touch with the winner by 5pm Tuesday 29 May we will re-draw the prize. Winner will be able to choose which classes they go to subject to availability. Winner will need to make their own way to/from Wellington if they are from another city. Twice As Nice pass entitles the winner to attend two classes and two lectures at Handmade 2012. High Tea Voucher entitles the winner to 2 x $20 per person High Tea to be booked at the winner's convenience. Please not Sweet Pea is very busy on weekends so you may not be able to book for Handmade weekend.



Lea said:

Wow, what a fantastic prize to win. I think I would just like being out for the day, socialising with like minded people and no children for just a short time (but a class or two would be pretty awesome too) Preserving Curds and Cordials, Spinning a Yarn, Sock Owls, Beautiful Harekeke Weaving just to name a few :)


Awilda said:

Hi Tash,

The thing I’m most looking forward to is the drop spindle class on Saturday evening.. but if I won the pass, I’d have to take another look! :)

Michele Cozens

Michele Cozens said:

I would love to go just to hang out with all of the wonderful fibreknittingcrochetmanicaholics. To sit in bliss in the zen environs created by such people. Have already got a trip to Opotiki coming up and KAN as well. Would going to Handmade2012 be just pure greed and fibrelustness?


Charlotte said:

thanks for this chance – I would love to go to spinning a yarn or learn to read your knitting,. I’m undecided on the lectures though.


Bridget said:

Thanks for an amazing giveaway! I’d be so excited to win such a lovely prize

Adele Jackson

Adele Jackson said:

Ohhhh cheese making ! Ohhh spinning with a spindle ! Ohhhh casting on and off (I really need those skills – says the woman with too tight sock tops) Ohhh reimagining an old shirt… Ohhhh sewing a reversible satchel… oh dear. There’s so much choice ! I’d love to win this prize ticket. I’d take my friend Fifi Colston out to high tea too after her workshop.


Caren said:

Sock class… or some kind of gardening thing with Lynda Hallinan… either would be lovely.


Alison said:

Wow what an awesome giveaway. I would love to do the smocking class at Handmade andhave my eye on the beads in knitting class too. As well as hanging out at the knit lounge of course :-)


Kate said:

I’m most looking forward to Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting Patterns, and very interested in all the other workshops in the World section too. What great prizes, thanks for the opportunity!


Melinda said:

Tash you are awesome, this is such a great giveaway! I am most looking forward to catching up with & meeting my fellow fibreholics / rav acquaintances…but also getting away to Welly for a weekend is going to be awesome too! Handmade – wise, the colour work class with Morag is going to be just the shove I need to take my knitting to another level :)

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson said:

What am I most looking forward to? Heavens, The crafty classes, the chance to learn something new and expand my current knowledge in so many ways! To meet and socialise with friends in the Knit Lounge would come closer than close to second but only by the width of some delightful Knitsch fingering!


Kristina said:

I’d like to do the Two-handed stranded knitting… but as it’s sold out I’ll have to pick another favourite. Turkish marbling paper… I’ve read about it since I was a kid, but never actually tried it. Time to turn the theory into practice!


Nicola said:

Too many choices! I’ve already signed up to a couple of the lectures, but if I could I’d love to go to the spinning class!


Squibble said:

I would love to attend the workshops, and meet up with all the crafty people I have chatted to online and have not been able to meet in person!


Char said:

Looking forward to the double stranded knitting class, finally get to do it! :D I’d like to attend the Markets lecture as well as the paper cutting class


Jo said:

Wow Tash, that’s generous! I’d love to do the jewellery making (but don’t have a full spare day!). But, Spinning a Yarn, and Learn to Read Your Knitting look excellent, as does Martin Bosley’s masterclass. And, I can’t forget the Knit Lounge!


Sarah said:

Oh what a fabulous prize! I would love to go and take a few classes in just about anything knitty, maybe a crochet class, and hang out in the Knit Lounge!

Aimee Chartrand

Aimee Chartrand said:

I’m looking forward to having some time to myself to indulge in all things knitting. I would love to do the “how to read your knitting” class!


Rebecca said:

I’m looking fwd to a day off with no chn. There’s so many classes to choose from but am mostly interested in yarn & stitching ones.


Julie said:

What a great giveaway – I’m most looking forward to hanging out with fabulous, creative, like-minded people – and the shopping will be great too! I’d love to go to all the classes but the spinning, soap making and fabric basket classes have me the most excited.


celeritas2 said:

I’d love to see all my knitting friends and have a good chin-wag!


Rochelle said:

So so many choices tho the two that catch my eye are the sock owls and the upcycling and refashioning. I liked what I saw of Janet Dunn’s recycled clothes for sale on the rack last year, but unfortunately missed the meet the makers party. It would be lovely to hear some tips and tricks of the trade from her ;)


Fouzberry said:

I’m definitely looking forward to the drop spindle class, but there were definitely several others that I thought looked very interesting. Plus I’m looking forward to having something awesomely crafty going on in wellington!

Fiona Wolff

Fiona Wolff said:

Oh, if I won this, I would drive down to Wellington for the weekend and catch up with crafty friends! I’ve had a look at the program, and there is soooo much good stuff on! How do you chose between sock animals, fabric printing, flax weaving. Hard to choose!


Jennie said:

I am looking forward to being in Wellington again for Handmade. I’m taking the knitting with beads class & the Curds and preserves cooking class :)

As for stretchy cast-ons for socks – I now use the Estonian sock cast on for everythign as its mega stretchy and always bounces back into shape. If you google it you’ll find some YouTube videos.


Kristina said:

Adele – for stretchy top-down sock tops, try a twisted German cast-on, over 2 needles held together. It’s the best I’ve found for socks so far. And it sounds so exotic (and slightly kinky) when you tell people what you used. Just YouTube it.


Helga said:

What a great prize to win, thanks for giving me a chance! I’ve already signed up for the Arigurumi class and I’m looking forward to catching up with people in the Knitters Lounge. If I win, I’ll get a dog sitter for Saturday and pick whatever class is left available, they all sound amazing!


Leanne said:

If I won this awesome giveaway I’d have such a great time at Handmade, hopefully learning some new skills and taking some wonderful memories away with me when I leave Wellington to pursue a new career at the end of the year. Maybe there will even be some fellow left-handers around who could show me how to use double pointed needles :)


Nicola said:

I’d love to go to the spinning class or the preserving curds class.


Angela said:

I’m mostly looking forward to meeting like-minded types… folks who like to be creative and make things are my kinda people :-). It’s inspiring and you instantly ‘click’ :-).


Candice said:

If i won, I would love go your sock class with blendy. I have a made a couple of pairs but any tips would be awesome.

Ms T

Ms T said:

Kia ora Tash! I am (was*) looking forward to the Spinning a Yarn class and hanging out in the Knit Lounge again (what will we get up to this year?). And, of course, there’s a whole bunch of other things I’d love to try…but my finances and the schedule are conspiring against me. :) But there’s always next year, right?
(*Well, I was looking forward to it until I copped a ginormous vet bill. Cat is fine; finances need some work.)


sue said:

I shall cross my fingers and toes and nose for this one. I really want to go see Genny from entangled talk


Brian said:

Tivaevae all the way, yo!!


Tui said:

Just looking forward to hanging out with a crowd of knitters and having a crafty weekend! Gotta come up with an impressive project to be working on …


Hannah said:

I’m supposed to be visiting my in-laws this weekend, but if I won the pass I’d be sending hubby & kids away on their own!


Tash said:

Congrats Adele – you won! Hip hip hooray!

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