Handmade 2012: Ravelry & Twitter Meet Up

May 26, 2012

I'm a big Twitter user. Like, big: i'm on there constantly. I love how it means I can chat to people all day long even though I spend most of the day working on my own. Same with Ravelry - it enables connections between knitters that may otherwise never meet.

There aren't many occasions here in NZ to have a Ravelry party, so I decided we need to have one of our very own!

Ravelry & Twitter Meet Up

Saturday 2 June
12.30pm - 2.30pm
HRYC Knit Lounge
Oceania Room
Te Papa

It's free to one and all - and we have a limited number of Ravelry badges so you can out yourself as your Rav or Twitter pseudonym.

The event is all part of Handmade 2012 - so come along for a bit knitty fun and the chance to meet some new (or not so new) people!

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