The Richmond Blanket

June 05, 2012

The Richmond blanket came about thanks to Knit Night at Holland Road Yarn Company. As soon as Spud & Chloe Sweater arrived, a few regulars snapped up skeins to knit blankets with. Which set my knitty imagination whirring, thinking of drape, and squishiness, and stripes. Then there's the daydream that wouldn't go away: snuggling under it on the couch watching The West Wing and, of course, knitting.

As an excuse, I decided that 'shop knitting' needed to be created. Shop Knitting is a project that is easily picked up and put down in between talking to customers, answering the phone, emails and all other interruptions that happen in a shop. That's all it was, really: an excuse. Honestly, I just wanted to knit this blanket.

Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater (you can order it online if you aren't nearby)
3 x Beluga 7521
1 x each of Waterslide 7519, Barn 7518, Turtle 7514, Firefly 7505, Lake 7504

Needles: 5mm circular needle (I used an 80cm cable)

Notions: darning needle to weave in ends

Gauge: 17sts by 22 rows = 10cm (this isn't critical, so don't worry if your gauge isn't spot on).

Finished Dimensions: Approx 80cm x 145cm

How to...

Cast on 120 stitches using the long tail cast on method.

knit 3 rows.

Next row: k4, p to last 4 sts, k4

Next row: k all sts

Repeat these two rows until you have used one entire skein of Beluga.

Knit stripes as follows, continuing in pattern as established:

6 rows of Waterslide

2 rows of Beluga

6 rows of Lake

2 rows of Beluga

6 rows of Turtle

2 rows of Beluga

6 rows of Firefly

2 rows of Beluga

6 rows of Barn

20 rows of Beluga

Repeat this pattern twice more, ending with a stripe of Barn.

Follow with 45 rows of Beluga.

Knit last 4 rows. Cast off using a sewn bind off method (I love the sewn bind off on the Purl Bee or Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off).

Weave in all the ends (yes, all of them!) and block.

Now using this pattern, you will have left overs. So tomorrow we'll post the pattern for the Leftovers Cowl. Hooray!



James said:

This blanket is fantastic! Before I get started, can you tell me how big the finished item is.


Kristie said:

What is the finnished size of this blanket? I adore it! It reminds me of those vintage wool blankets!


Leigh said:

Same question – love the look of this blanket, but need to know the dimensions before I can use the pattern.


Lucy said:

I’m probably too late, but on Ravelry (here ) it says that it’s approximately 80 cm by 145 cm

Joann Phillips

Joann Phillips said:

Please note: I am not the owner of this site, just tired of people who refuse to thoroughly read or work for the information they are seeking

Please read the entire pattern. The information you want is right there.

Finished size: 80cm x 140cm

If you need it in inches here is a link to a conversion site:

80cm = 31.496 inches
140cm = 55.118 inches

as you know this depends on the size hook, the size yarn, and your tension when knitting.

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