The Leftovers Cowl

June 06, 2012

A big, warm, smoothy cowl! Starting with a provisional cast on, knit in the round and then seamed together the cast on, like a bike tube.

Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater in Beluga, Turtle, Firefly, Barn, Lake and Waterslide.

Needle: 5mm 40cm circular (you can use a longer cable and knit using the magic loop method if you wish).

Gauge: 19sts x 25 rows = 10cm (this doesn't have to be perfect if your gauge is a little out).

Using Beluga and a crochet provisional cast on, cast on 70 stitches.

Join in the round, placing a marker at the join. Knit approx 8 rows.

Keeping Beluga joined to your work, knit 2 rows with Barn.

knit all sts for all rows in the following order:

2 rows beluga

2 rows barn

until approx 10g of Beluga remains. Break off Beluga, change to Firefly

2 rows Barn

2 rows Firefly

Until Barn is all used up, ending on a row of Barn.

2 rows Firefly

2 rows Turtle

Until Firefly is all used up, ending on a row of Firefly.

2 rows Turtle

2 rows Lake

Until Turtle is all used up, ending on a row of Turtle.

2 rows Lake

2 rows Waterslide

Until Lake is all used up, ending on a row of Lake.

2 rows Waterslide

2 rows Beluga

for 8 rows. Continue for 8 rows of Beluga only.

undo the provisional cast on and place live stitches on a second circular needle (it doesn't have to be 5mm). Weave in all internal ends.

Using kitchener stitch, seam the two sets of live stitches together to make a cowl.

And you're done!

Like Han Solo? He features on a wall near the shop. Pretty ace.



Lisa said:

Yummy cowl , now this is probably a very silly question ( novice knitter here) but because you do 8 rows of beluga at beginning and end , do you end up with a wide band of beluga colour at the seam? Or does the method of joining stop this – just that can’t tell from the picture.


Tash said:

That’s right – there is a section that is just Beluga. It was a pure and simple aesthetics decision and there is no reason why you couldn’t stripe the entire thing. :)

Sally Braun-Jackson

Sally Braun-Jackson said:

Hi! I love all the colours in this cowl. It’s beautiful. I happen to have a slightly smaller amount of yarn, 4 colours, all the same amount, so I thought I’d use the same design principle and alternate the colours all the way ’round.

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