All new Twitter Knit Chat! Hooray!

September 06, 2012

 Knit Chat on Twitter isn't a new thing - but down here in the South Pacific it can be a bit tricky to catch the American discussions.

So, why not have our own?

How it works: 

  1. If you haven't already: Join Twitter! (it's easy, honest)
  2. Hop online at 8pm NZ time 
  3. Enter 'twitknit' in the search bar or in your Twitter app
  4. Join the conversation!
Each week will have a different theme, the chance to ask any and all knitting questions you might have, occasional special guests and....giveaways! Hooray! Free stuff is THE BEST.

It's really very simple to take part. Join in, say hello, meet some new people and be inspired! 

xx Tash



celeritas2 said:

Dear Tash

You are brilliant! That is all.


kim said:

Excellent idea – I can’t wait! excited


Annette said:

Thank you for organising this, so much fun to have a local event at a friendly time! :)


Rachel said:

LOVING TwitKnit so far! Told my Flatmate I couldn’t hang out because “people are talking about knitting on twitter!” but I’m not sure he really got it…


Alison said:

Great idea, esp when I cant make it to knit night any more :-)

Belinda Too

Belinda Too said:

Awesome idea!!! Our local knit community is so lovely :)


Kate said:

A little late, but I’ve joined the conversation!


Lauren said:

This is such a great idea!!! I love finding out who all the other knitters are on Twitter! Thanks for organising!


Barbara said:

A new level of awesome has been reached!

Thanks Tash.


Maggie said:

I love this idea of following you on Twitter. I must go along to one of your knitting get togethers. New to Lower Hutt…thrilled to have found you. Maggiebnz


Hannah said:

Cool TwitKnit session so far. And I don’t even tweet that much usually so it’s pretty fun!


Kate said:

What a great idea! Yay for serendipitous timing!


Bridget said:

Fun! Although taking me a while to get the hang of twitter chat!


Tezza said:

Absolutely loving the very first session of TwitKnit so far and will be making sure I keep this time slot free every Monday… thanks for starting it Tash!


Russty said:

This was a great way to meet other knitters. Thank you!


Sheryl said:

This is awesome. I love knowing theres others my age who knit too :)


Kya said:

Just got home from yoga! Missed most of it, but I’ll join in for the end. :)


Lisa said:

I’m loving this first twitknit. Even if it is hard to keep up on my phone! Awesome way to bring more knitters together, Tash. Way to go.


Josh said:

I had completely forgotten about it until half way through tonight! Time to catch up on it all!! Looks like a lot of fun chat already :D


OzKnitter said:

Can us Aussies join in too?

Lovely to have it our evenings, at a decent hour!

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