Bigger on the Inside - a yarn club

October 25, 2012

It's been quite some time since the last Knitsch yarn club. For many and varied reasons. When someone specially requested DK yarn in a certain colourway though, it set my mind whirring. How about themed yarn club? One where you can pick and choose yarn quantities?

Let's do it!

Can you guess the theme? Yeah, of course! It's a Dr Who theme! Couldn't help myself! 

There are a bunch of options available in yarn colours inspired by the Doctor. Two have been on the shop shelf but not listed online before. One has never been seen. And you can choose between 100% merino DK or Knitsch sock. 

Sign ups go live at 12pm Friday 26 October. Once you're registered, we'll then discuss your order and an invoice will be issued.

The Options:



Tennant or Rose 

100% merino DK

specify how much you would like

mailing date to be confirmed with you once order finalised

10 spots available ONLY

$21 per 100g






Specify how much of each color you would like to receive each month (minimum 100g)

20 spots ONLY available with unlimited quantities

For example, to give you some ideas:

500g of Tennant over 3 months


100g of each color over three months


150g of Tennant

200g of Rose

100g of Idris

Sock prices:

$26 per 100g

sent in 50g skeins

Payment by 9 November

Mailing dates:

15 November

14 December

24 January

Plus $12 for shipping



Lisa said:

A Dr Who-themed yarn club? Oh. My.

I may need a little lie down.

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