Technology, baby!

November 03, 2012

It seems to be a week of ticking things off a very long (and in some cases very old) list of Tasks To Be Done. 

Most exciting this week is that I have finally set up a computer screen in the shop - all connected to the internet so you can browse Ravelry,, or any other yarny website you like. Or look at pictures of cats. 

And for a bit of old school technology, there's now a swift and ball winder set up away from the general busyness of the shop, so feel free to bring in your skeins of yarn to wind up. Hooray!

Finally, just because pretty pictures of yarn make me happy, a finished object! What with Christmas now being next month (oh, the terror!) lots of people are now in to gift knitting season. The Honey Cowl is a super easy, quick project - this one used two skeins of Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras. It's delightfully squishy and soft.

Have a great knitting filled weekend! Now that things are being ticked off the list hopefully that will mean more blog posts...

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