JustJussi - with us on 1 December!

November 15, 2012

 We've long been been fans of Justine of JustJussi. She creates sweet as anything baby patterns that are super knittable and extremely giftable. 


It is with much excitement that we discovered JustJussi patterns were becoming available in hard copy, so we leapt at the chance to get Justine in store for one special afternoon to catapult the patterns onto our shop shelves for real. You'll be able to meet the lady herself, have a squish and cuddle and inspect knitted samples and of course buy patterns and yarn. 

Would you like to join us? Yes?

JustJussi Pattern Trunk Show
1pm - 3pm 
Saturday 1 December

Come along to the shop for some sweet treats, a peek at Justine's knitted samples and a chance to nab hard copy printed patterns!

Multiple times a week we refer customers to Justine's patterns, and exclaim over what a great pattern the ever popular Aviatrix hat is. 

With all this excitement we may as well have a wee Aviatrix-themed giveaway, no? How about the chance to win a $30 Holland Road Yarn Co voucher (redeemable online or in store) and 5 chances to win a JustJussi pattern? Sound good? Hooray!

How do you win?

All you need to do is comment on this post. We'll like you even more if you post a link to an Aviatrix hat that you've knit, and we might just pinch your photo to share on our Facebook page (we'll check with you first!). 

Leave your comment by 5pm Thursday 29 November and we'll draw the winners at random shortly after. Hooray!

Trackwork Cardi



Kristina said:

This is an excellent idea, all of it.

I have to admit I haven’t yet knitted an aviatrix… though I have printed out the pattern! (In French as well… by mistake!)


Lisa said:

Yay! The date is in my diary. Looking forward to squishing samples and meeting the woman herself. Justine’s patterns are so gorgeous and the aviatrix hat has a special place in my heart as the pattern which taught me how to wrap and turn.


Rochelle said:

I love the Aviatrix hat but I haven’t tried to knit it yet as I consider myself a true novice. Maybe a class to help with the turns would give me more confidence. I love JustJussi designs and have made a popover and I am starting a not a fleece vest. ;)


Kath said:

Gee, you know how to lure us all in, don’t ‘cha! Can’t wait. Here’s my aviatrix, sans button: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/knittakath/aviatrix-baby-hat


Jessie said:

Excited about this. Knitted this hat in Justine’s class at KAN – couldn’t believe how quick and easy (and cute) it was.


Bridget said:

looking forward to it! I have the aviatrix pattern ready to go when I finish a baby cardi, I think they’ll make a cute matching set!


Lisa said:

Love Justine’s patterns and yes have knitted several aviatrix so will dig out a photo!


Hannah said:

After going on (and on) about my Aviatrix obsession on #twitknit how could I not post here!
Here are my handspun efforts
And one in yummy Spud&Chloe


Sharonnz said:

Wah, working that day. Enjoy!
I’ve knitted a Poppy – does that count?

Andrea Frost

Andrea Frost said:

i’m a big fan of the dolly mixture patterns – not knitted them yet though….has anyone got project pictures to share?


Jennifer said:

Can’t wait to see the patterns in person. Thanks for the great blog!


Cathy said:

Oooh I’m so excited ~ I’m going to be a first-time granny and can’t wait to knit a special Aviatrix hat for the little one ~ one of my favourite patterns. The date is in my diary and I’m so looking forward to meeting Justine in person, how awesome is THAT?!!


Beverley said:

No babies to knit for at mo , but hoping for another grandchild in a year or so! Would love the hat pattern to try:) thanks for chance to win.


Alice said:

I wish I could be there but will be checking out the hard copy patterns (if there are any left!) when I come down in December! Wishing you a lovely and abundant month Tash X


Leith said:

I don’t have anyone to make an Aviatrix for, but there’s no doubt it’s a cute pattern!


Debbie said:

I love Just Jussi patterns! (and now yarn!)

I’ve knit several, and they’re always wonderfully written and so cute!

Here is a link to my recent blog post. The third picture down is an Aviatrix that I knit using my handspun yarn. Aviatrix looks fantastic in handspun!



Rebecca said:

Such a beautiful pattern. Am knitting it as a surprise for a workmate who is due in February


Beverley said:

The date is saved and the hubby told I need the car, looking forward to a fun afternoon


Siow said:

Just so happened that I have already added the Aviatrix hat in Ralvery as my next project!


Caroline said:

Yay, hopefully I will remember in the fog that is my brain – i blame the baby. Here are 2 that I have knit (both with matching BSJ). One for a friend, and one for my own sweet babe, one photo is from when he was just one hour old! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/CarolinaLotl/aviatrix-baby-hat


Alison said:

This is awesome, all of it! I will definitely do my best to sneak away from the tribe and pop in on the first. Amazingly, although I have knitted and loved several of Justine’s designs, and have several more planned, I have yet to knit an Aviatrix. Might have to remedy that before next winter ;-)


Trina said:

I wish I could be there to meet her, her patterns are amazing! I haven’t made an Aviatrix, but I did make a Poppy a little while a go – upsized to fit myself! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/ballatrina/poppy


Susan said:

Oh, how I wish I lived in your part of the world and could be there! How exciting your day is going to be!!!! Haven’t made the hat but working on the Rainbow Chevron blanket…got caught in hurricane Sandy and haven’t been sucessfully in completing it yet…but your patterns and yarn are beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win!


Lisa said:

I don’t think I can be there as Saturday is a day of many things in! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/mandli/aviatrix-baby-hat is my project :)


Lauren said:

I’m planning on an Aviatrix for my cousin! I have the yarn and everything, but I’m busy making kitty toys and it’s taking all my time!

Amy V

Amy V said:

Aviatrix is super cute! Haven’t knit one yet because I don’t know any babies (yet).

I’ve been admiring JJ’s new hand dyed yarn too!

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