May 21, 2013

Handmade 2013: Another giveaway!

With only 9 knitting days until Handmade 2013, it's time for a second giveaway. Hooray!

For some reason this time of year is tough on lots of people. Heading into winter means lots of colds, crankiness and life trickiness. There are people I admire hugely who get on and deal with hardship with such grace and barely a murmur of complaint. Be it your Mum who is always there to lend a hand when you need it, or your partner putting up with your stress-induced grumpiness (thinking of myself, here), we all have someone in our lives that really deserves a treat. Someone who just quietly gets on with it, someone who should be given the world in reward.

We have a Twice As Nice pass to Handmade 2013 to giveaway to one special person. To sweeten the deal, we're going to add in two vouchers for High Tea at Sweet Pea in Petone and a bag of knitty goodies. 

A Twice as Nice Pass allows you to choose 2 masterclasses & 2 lectures from the full weekend programme.  Classes can be selected on any day, any time.

What we'd like for you to do is nominate someone. Tell us about an amazing person who blows you away, but never seems to treat themselves to a break. Someone you think would really love to spend a weekend learning and making, but wouldn't otherwise be able to get themselves along to Handmade. 

The one catch is that they either need to be Wellington based or able to get themselves to Wellington for Queen's Birthday weekend. 

How do you nominate someone?

Send us an email at or send us a facebook message with the subject line: 'Handmade Nomination' and tell us about the person you think should win. Be sure to include their email address and contact number if you can. The person who nominates the winner will also receive treats! Hooray!

Entries are open from now until 5pm Monday 27 May, and the winner will be notified by email on Tuesday 28 May. If the winner cannot be contacted by 5pm Wednesday 29 May, a new winner will be selected. No doubt it'll be a tough choice, but we'll do our best to select the most deserving nominee and the decision will be final. The winner will be put in contact with the Handmade 2013 team in order to arrange the delivery of the Twice As Nice pass and selection of classes. 

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May 01, 2013

Handmade 2013: Win a Twice As Nice Pass!

As Handmade approaches with great rapidity, i'm thinking more and more about the multi-craft nature of the event. Handmade is wonderful in that it presents a whole range of crafts - from knitting to sewing, cooking to zine-making. 

For knitters, I think the best part of the weekend is that you can try out things you've always wanted to have a go at, but needed the gentle push in order to get started. You might fall in love with an entirely new making process, or decide that spinning isn't really your thing. Until you try, you won't really know.

One of my biggest problems is that I want to DO ALL THE THINGS. I want to make, make, make. And play with beautiful colours and fibres and fabrics and immerse myself in the pleasure of creating. Events such as Handmade fill me with so much joy and an overwhelming sense of just how much I love craft. 

Holland Road Yarn Co may well be a yarn shop, but that doesn't mean we're all just knitters. Sewing was my first love, until I discovered that knitting added a new level of portability. I adored weaving on the rare occasion we were able to do it at school, and have seen some incredible examples of fabric woven from the yarns we sell. Now I can also officially say I'm a spinner (more on that in another post). I've also been known to dabble in cross stitch, I can crochet, i've made use of tiger tail and beads to make jewellery, and pretty much anything that involves turning a material of some sort into something new gets me all in a fluster of excitement.




Add in there baking and dyeing yarn and it's a pretty much complete list of my loves. 

'So tell us about the giveaway!' you say...

Right! We have a Twice As Nice pass to giveaway! This pass gives you access to two masterclasses and two lectures. Hooray! A Twice As Nice pass gives you the chance to try out some things, hear a couple of great speakers, and leaves you time to relax with us in the Knit Lounge or head out for a fantastic coffee in our great city. 

How to enter:

Comment on this post - tell us about your many and varied crafty habits, or if you're a one-craft-only kind of person

Entry closes 5pm Wednesday 8 May
Prize drawn 5.05pm Wednesday 8 May

Oh! And we'll do a few spot prizes in this draw too! Three little parcels of surprise Holland Road Yarn Co treats will go to three runners-up who will be advised by email. Hooray!

Small print: Winner will be notified by email. Class selection is subject to availability and the pass may not be shared with another person. 
Winner must make their own way to Wellington if they are not a Wellington resident. Prize will be re-drawn if the winner does not respond by 5pm Friday 10 May

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November 15, 2012

JustJussi - with us on 1 December!

 We've long been been fans of Justine of JustJussi. She creates sweet as anything baby patterns that are super knittable and extremely giftable. 


It is with much excitement that we discovered JustJussi patterns were becoming available in hard copy, so we leapt at the chance to get Justine in store for one special afternoon to catapult the patterns onto our shop shelves for real. You'll be able to meet the lady herself, have a squish and cuddle and inspect knitted samples and of course buy patterns and yarn. 

Would you like to join us? Yes?

JustJussi Pattern Trunk Show
1pm - 3pm 
Saturday 1 December

Come along to the shop for some sweet treats, a peek at Justine's knitted samples and a chance to nab hard copy printed patterns!

Multiple times a week we refer customers to Justine's patterns, and exclaim over what a great pattern the ever popular Aviatrix hat is. 

With all this excitement we may as well have a wee Aviatrix-themed giveaway, no? How about the chance to win a $30 Holland Road Yarn Co voucher (redeemable online or in store) and 5 chances to win a JustJussi pattern? Sound good? Hooray!

How do you win?

All you need to do is comment on this post. We'll like you even more if you post a link to an Aviatrix hat that you've knit, and we might just pinch your photo to share on our Facebook page (we'll check with you first!). 

Leave your comment by 5pm Thursday 29 November and we'll draw the winners at random shortly after. Hooray!

Trackwork Cardi

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