An ode to grey.

December 05, 2012

Going through all our sales for the year is an interesting task. I'm plotting and planning for next year's purchases and it's curious to see, time and again, the most popular colourway in every one of the ranges we hold.

It's grey. 

We have a shop filled with colour and yet we sell more grey than anything else. Surprise! I suppose if all the colours were added together it would far, far outweigh the amount of grey we sell.  If I had my way the top seller would be yellow. I'm curious - do you have a favourite colour to knit with? Do you naturally tend towards grey because it's easy to wear? 



Lisa said:

The colour I’ve most loved knitting with this year, the one which calls to me, the one which makes me blissfully happy every time I pick it up is… yellow.

As for the grey, it’s such a terribly good foil for brights – maybe that’s why? Loads of people finding inspiration in your lovely blankets, Tash.


Jess said:

For some reason I have really been into teal colours this year! I’m not sure why – I wouldn’t say it was my favourite colour but maybe it is – I have lots of projects on the go in teal.
Now that you mention Grey I’ve realised how much I have of Grey in my stash, I haven’t knitted anything completely grey this year but have used it for stripes with other colours I don’t know it just seems to work well with so many colours!

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