Hat Happy

January 13, 2013

The great thing abut being a kid is wearing ridiculous things. Some fantastical hat patterns have been popping up lately - and i'm mighty glad some of them are sized up to adult. Because we're all kids underneath it all.


The Failynn Fox Cowl by Heidi May. There's also The Burton Bear Cowl and they go up to adult size! Hooray! This cowl would be so snuggly and perfect in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky

Foxy and Wolfie by Katie Tricot - once again available in adult! Hooray! Cascade 220 would be just the ticket for this pattern - will have to be sure to add foxy colours to our next order.



The Baby & Child Gnome Hat by Creati Knit. How cute is this little munchkin?

Next week i'll do a round up of great adult hat patterns. Leave a comment if there are any you love that I should be sure to include :)


Amber Craig

Amber Craig said:

I think adults should just start wearing ridiculous hats. These are so awesome! I love the Fox ones :)

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