September 16, 2013

Pretty Shop Pics

The fun part of all this new stock arriving is the chance to move things around and make everything sit together nicely. I really enjoy being in the shop when things look a little different, and it usually leads to me happily snapping photos of my favourite little corners. 

I'm in love with our fibre ladder! We had more Ashford Corriedale sliver arrive this week, and i've even been organised enough to get it loaded up online

Fibre ladder + new shelving full of Malabrigo (although it's not quite so full after a very busy weekend!)

I couldn't help but take photos as orders were packed up over the last few days. You, my wonderful supportive customers, have truly excellent taste in yarn. If you look carefully in the pic above, you'll see the messy pile of Zealana Rimu toppling over itself on the shelf. I finally gave up on trying to get it to behave and now it's playing much more nicely sitting in a suitcase. 

Zealana are slowly introducing a new style of ball & label (the lower half of the pic) which looks gorgeous but my oh my it is a pain to get to sit on a shelf. Doesn't make it any less amazing to work with, of course!

I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. It was certainly a great time to be in the shop, sharing the love of gorgeous yarn. xx

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July 16, 2013

Sometimes it takes a challenge.

After struggling my way through Rocky Coast the Second, my knitting mojo went out the door. A pair of simple socks were also on the needles, and knitting wasn't feeling all that inspiring. I sternly told myself that nothing new could be cast on until Rocky Coast was done. 


At long last it was done, a mental hurdle conquered. I'll post a pic once I get around to weaving in the ends and blocking it, which of course i'm also procrastinating on.


To tell the truth, casting on something new didn't fill me with excitement. But cast on I did:



In Zealana Rimu Fingering, a gorgeous mix of NZ merino and possum. Rib isn't terribly exciting. Slowly getting closer to the colour work, the nerves kicked in. Colour work isn't my strong point. And then something magic happened...


I enjoyed it. Suddenly there's a project in my hands that requires focus, and concentration, and real awareness of what's going on with each stitch. Checking to make sure floats aren't too tight, following a colour pattern, untangling balls of yarn. 

Isn't it interesting how a challenge can be just what is needed to get excited again? 

And this yarn! Oh my. 

Zealana Rimu Fingering is 60% merino, 40% possum. The possum gives it just enough fluffiness to create a nice halo, but not so much that your knitting looks like a hairball. It's on the heavy side of 4ply, and i'm inclined to call it more of a sport weight than a standard fingering weight yarn.

It feels lovely to knit with, but the magic is in the fabric. Smooth, perfectly squishable rows of stocking stitch are making me weak at the knees. If a 4 ply jersey is what you're after, it may as well be a treat. This absolutely will be. I'm anticipating wearing this so much that the elbows will wear through and patches added. See me in ten years' time and no doubt i'll still be pulling this one on when the day is chilly. 

I am fudging the sizing a little bit, but that's part of the joy of a simple stocking stitch body - there is room to make sneaky size amendments. I may even felt it slightly for an even cosier finish. 

What's on your needles at the moment? Do you knit with thoughts of how you'll feel when you wear the finished product, or is that just me?

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January 13, 2013

Hat Happy

The great thing abut being a kid is wearing ridiculous things. Some fantastical hat patterns have been popping up lately - and i'm mighty glad some of them are sized up to adult. Because we're all kids underneath it all.


The Failynn Fox Cowl by Heidi May. There's also The Burton Bear Cowl and they go up to adult size! Hooray! This cowl would be so snuggly and perfect in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky

Foxy and Wolfie by Katie Tricot - once again available in adult! Hooray! Cascade 220 would be just the ticket for this pattern - will have to be sure to add foxy colours to our next order.



The Baby & Child Gnome Hat by Creati Knit. How cute is this little munchkin?

Next week i'll do a round up of great adult hat patterns. Leave a comment if there are any you love that I should be sure to include :)

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