Crochet Blanket Addicts (anonymous): the second

March 22, 2013

 The second session of Crochet Blanket Addicts (anonymous) is tomorrow. Already! So soon!

Since the last session, our addicts have been busy. There has been talk of spreadsheets to plan colour arrangements, obsessive pinning of finished circles and squares and hexagons. I've also been witness to some very tricky colour decisions.

I, too, have turned into a crazy crocheter. The lack of large knitting project on any of my needles means that some serious work has been done on my granny stripe blanket.

From small beginnings


a selection of grey, blue and green tones


obsessive colour planning


wanting to work on it so desperately I took it to the pub

and now

it has seriously grown.

Crochet Blanket Addicts (anonymous) meet in the shop once a month to blabber with delight over hooking blankets. If you want to join us - please do! This month it is on Saturday 23 March (tomorrow at the time of posting) from 11am - 1pm. 




Alice said:

it looks gorgeous and I am in awe that you have taken on a crochet project in sock yarn. Very impressive! :O)


Mel said:

This is awesome especially knitting in the pub!


Mel said:

Oops I meant crochet! Doh, I can basic crochet but haven’t mastered this yet. But I’m too scared to unleash the crochet beast yet

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