A weekend away

April 05, 2013

While we're anxiously anticipating new stock (Ashford Tekapo and Malabrigo of all kinds!) I thought i'd take a moment to share a few snaps from my Easter weekend away. 

It isn't often I get the chance to escape to the family bach in Arthur's Pass - but it is always a joy to be there. Arthur's Pass is a village in the middle of the middle of the South Island, between Christchurch and Greymouth. It holds a lifetime of memories and lots of little crafty details. I find myself looking around and wondering if we should put in thermal backed curtains, or buy new frying pans. But the perfection that is the family bach is in its imperfection. Everything is worn, or old, or has been made to fulfill a purpose. Old fabrics will do for cushions, worn out cutlery is all you need for dinner here. 

It is a place where you don't need much, just some craft and a book and some good food. Grandma* made the crochet blankets (she says it's a good rest for hands when they're tired from knitting), and there's a spare Ashford Traveller wheel that I finally decided to make friends with. I can now say that I can spin on a wheel, one of those goals i've had for a long time but needed the quiet isolation to focus and get on with it.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you have any craft goals that you wanted to achieve? I hope it was restful and relaxing!


*yes, Grandma is Margaret Stove, but it feels a bit weird name-dropping when she is Grandma to me. 



Lisa said:

My weekend was restful and selfish. I intended to transform the wee box room off my bedroom from dumping ground to delightful workspace; sand back a dining table; and knit a beanie for a friend. I did none of these. Instead, I made myself a hat.


Sezza said:

Sounds wonderful, fancy having a spare wheel at the bach (crib? ;) ). I love that part of the Country, although it is not, it always feels like home!


Jenny said:

Goegeous photos Tash. I really love the mountain tones in the crocheted bedspread. Could almost be tempted to learn!


Alice said:

Wow, what a stunning view and such a special place for you and your family to go! Excited to see your spinning, yay for the excitement of getting the hang of it.
Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!


Sofia said:

Oh I love that ripple blanket (crochet) pattern. And your spinning! And, and, and :)

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