Man Made: more details

April 08, 2013

The Man Made sessions are rapidly approaching, so Mike and I sat down last week to finalise details. All of which can be found in this handy google doc.

If you are a brave man, you will learn everything there is to get knitting: casting on, knit, purl, binding off, knitting in the round, cables (which includes making a cable needle from no. 8 wire). 

The best part of all, though: you'll be working with WWII knitting patterns. Simple, functional, designed for one purpose: to keep a man warm. No bells or whistles, no silly extra design 'features' that tend to ruin a knitwear design. 

Here are the basic details again:

A programme of lessons exclusively for men. You know you want to. 

Hosted by Mike Dickison: man knitter, ukulele player, bird expert.

$40 for 4 sessions - you choose which ones you would like to attend. We recommend you opt in to the first 2 sessions to ensure you are up to speed for the rest. 

Where and when:

7pm - 9pm

Holland Road Yarn Co, 281 Jackson St, Petone

1, 8, 15, 22, 29 May (all Wednesdays); 5 June

Tools, (good) beer and finger food will be provided at each session. Book here - it won't hurt. Promise.


Meg Davies

Meg Davies said:

A knitting ornithologist?? HOT!!

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