A Midwinter Christmas Knit Night

July 09, 2013

It's certainly winter, and as us weirdos in the Southern Hemisphere are wont to do, a Midwinter Christmas celebration seems in order.

For this week's Thursday Knit Night, we're going to crack out the mulled wine, truffles, Christmas mince pies and another wintery treats! I hear there's a Southerly on the way, so you might need to brave the weather, but it will be worth it. Promise! We may even put on some special discounts and find some spot prizes just for the evening. 


Image from this great Etsy store


A Midwinter Christmas Knit Night

Thursday 11 June

6pm - 9pm (yep, an hour earlier than usual, for more merriment!)

For treats, mulled wine and some sweet discounts. And some knitting and good company, too.

Free! Hooray!


Anne Ross

Anne Ross said:

I’d love to come along but have another thing to go to in town, I’d love to try to get to these on other weeks though.
P.S. the fingerless mittens in the Zealania Rimu are looking great so far, thanks for your help!

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