A yarny catch-up

April 06, 2021

I hope you managed to get some rest over the long weekend. Easter is one of my favourite holidays - cooler weather, no pressure to do anything (unlike Christmas!), and plenty of time to potter around. 

I'm really enjoying my knitting at the moment, maybe it has something to do with the extra few days' rest and new yarn on the shelves. I hope craft is bringing joy to your life at the moment too. 

After repeatedly wearing my newly finished Love Note, Easter gave the opportunity to get some photos of it! 
Tash stands in a garden with Elliott. She wears a dusty pink love note and olive pants

I used Dark Harbour Yarn and Union Fibre for mine, both picked up for this specific purpose at Capital Fibre Fest last year. It was such a pleasure to knit - lovely yarn and super quick. I know lots of you have already made one of these, and if you're wondering if the hype is worth it - it totally is! I'm already wearing it far more than anticipated. 
Tash stands in a garden with Elliott. She wears a dusty pink love note and olive pants

If you're new to Tincan Knits patterns, they are worth checking out. From beginner through to more advanced knitters their main focus is seamless knitting using circular needles. They have excellent instructions and do a great job of covering a large range of sizes. 
Three balls of Allino in silver, yellow and teal on a wood table
I've been wanting to bring some fresh new yarn to you, and here are two! 
BC Garn has been on my list for a long time, and is really brightening up the shelves. 

Firstly we have Allino, a cotton and linen blend yarn. in wonderful clear shades. Excellent for those who can't (or won't) knit or wear wool, the cotton softens the handle while you knit and the linen contributes excellent drape and strength. 

Secondly is Bio Balance, a neat 4 ply combo of cotton and wool. The cotton gives it a slightly rustic texture and lightness. One of the big wins in my book is how great Bio Balance is for our climate - the cotton means you can still knit great garments and wear them through NZ's milder winters. Add in that the cotton is GOTS certified and it's a winner all round!

A skein of sky blue Bio Balance lies across a skein of silver, red and navy

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