An update: shipping during lockdown / rāhui in NZ

March 31, 2020

A few years ago, the mister and I used to semi-seriously joke about what we would during the zombie apocalypse (we were watching a lot of the Walking Dead at that point). I always commented on how great it was I could make clothing in order to keep us dressed and warm, while he lamented only really having computer skills which wouldn't be much use when IT infrastructure no longer functioned. 

While this isn't the zombie apocalypse, there are some odd parallels now with those conversations we had. 

Over the last three weeks my entire life has undergone a major shift, part of it planned for, part of it wholly unexpected. 

I've recently started a new job, one i'm really excited about. It signalled some major changes for us: navigating a world where i'm not able to do life admin during the day, Elliott spending more time at daycare and the mister taking on more responsibility for making sure our home life functions. 

So when it was quickly becoming clear that our life would shift even further from our comfort zone, I clung to the one constant that has been present for the last ten years: the shop, and sending out yarn to you. 

I told myself that with the yarn being in my house, it meant I could safely send out your orders as I didn't have to travel to do so. I reassured myself that as long as the couriers told me they would still collect and deliver, I was ok. That this one thing I knew how to do in this strange new world would carry on as usual. 

When Elliott was tiny and life was really hard, I took great comfort in work, as it was something I could achieve and do well when everything else was out of my control. 

Last week, as the mister went to work long days for the 8th, 9th, 10th day in a row, and I found myself sitting in our home office trying to learn my way around foreign concepts while Elliott had a meltdown, I took comfort in the same way. 

Turns out that wasn't the best decision: for you, my wonderful customers, for our society at large, nor for the couriers who are dealing with the same unprecedented situation as we are. Couriers in particular deserve not to be constantly placing themselves at risk simply because we want some extra comfort in the consumption we've grown so accustomed to in the modern world. 

Arohamai, dear friends. As of today I'm no longer shipping orders and won't resume until the rāhui / lockdown is lifted. It's the responsible thing to do. Right now our priority should be doing our best to ensure the collective wellness of the country, rather than focusing on ourselves as individuals. 

By all means take care of yourselves, which at this time is an incredibly generous act: by looking after yourself, your mental health, your general health, by keeping 2 metres distant from those outside your bubble, you are demonstrating how much you care. It's scary and hard and difficult to navigate. I'm right there with you. 

xx Tash


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