Happy new year, with new discounts!

January 18, 2024

Ngā mihi o te tau hau - happy new year! 

I had the great fortune late last year of spending a week with all four of my siblings for the first time since early 2020. 

Much needed time spent among the trees

And that was it - a short trip up the line and back again, before heading back to the proper job on 3 January. Despite its shortness, I managed to carve out time to do things I enjoy (reading, knitting, sewing, and making stuff), things that needed to be done (weeding the garden and clearing out general stuff), and thinking about what I want 2024 to be. 

I hope you had something similar. Even if it wasn't a trip away, or a big long break from whatever occupies most of your time, maybe you had the chance to clear your mind of daily life for a spell. 

One thing that was finally ticked off my to-do list was a solution to a problem that has been floating around for years. How to offer some sort of discount to those of you who want to buy yarn to make a garment, especially larger size garments, without some complicated admin on my end. Something that allowed for a range of prices, so wasn't locked to a certain dollar spend. My thinking is that the reward of a discount shouldn't be exclusive to those who have a greater disposable income to start with. Blame the bleeding liberal heart of mine for that one.


Introducing our new, permanent,
discount structure!

Easy as that. The items don't all have to be the same to qualify, there's no minimum spend, and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. And there's no exclusions.

For orders with quantities that fall in-between these levels, the discount will be the lower number. So 8 items will get the 5% savings, 12 items will get 10% off. 

It's an imperfect solution in trying to make things a bit more equitable across sizes and financial ability to buy lovely yarn. But imperfect is better than nothing!

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