Summer projects for warm-weather making

January 11, 2024

With summer in full swing, i'm thinking about what to make with the beautiful BC Garn Allino we have in stock. 

Silver, yellow and turquoise BC Garn Allino

Allino is a blend of linen and cotton, making it cool and robust (the linen adds extra strength). Aside from making excellent dish cloths thanks to the extra scrubby ability from the linen, it is wonderful for a whole range of projects. 

Crochet Project Bags
First up is a freebie, and a good chance to practice crochet if you're new to the craft or a bit rusty. The Crocheted Project Bag by Jessica Gore is available to download for free on the Sweater Collective website, and Allino would give nice structure to help the bag stand up. 
Another crochet project, the Limonata pullover is found in both the Summer 2023 issue of Pom Pom and in the Pom Pom Crochet Anthology. Made up of sunny motifs, you could carry this one around in your crochet project bag for making circles while out and about. 
For the knitters, Jessie Maed's Outline Raglan will let the drapey linen / cotton combo of Allino shine. Nice and simple knitting, too, for post-holiday brains. 
Sari Nordlund's Cephisso cami is a cool layering piece. While it's designed for two yarns held together, these come to a DK weight so will work for Allino (make sure to check gauge). 
A few of you have asked if I'll be getting in Sari's new book - and it is on the list. Pre-orders will available in the coming weeks.
Finally, a boxy tee by Veera Välimäki in the form of Hiesu Sweater. Allino will make the texture a bit crisper, and this one is about to go on my needles. 
For Southern Hemisphere friends, I hope you are staying cool and enjoying the good weather!

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