Knits for hot days

January 28, 2020

As originally sent out in my weekly newsletter, enjoy!

My original plan for this email has gone right out the window, as I slowly melt in today's heat. Instead of talking about colourwork, let's have a meander through yarn a bit better suited to these hot days: cotton and linen.
A queue of Scheepjes cotton yarn, from Gentle Primrose at the front to Apple Blossom at the back

I really, really love Scheepjes Organicon. I know i've waxed lyrical about it before, but really it's impossible to overstate how much I love this yarn. Not only for it's wonderful softness and drape, but also for it's ethical production standards. 

As many of use grow ever more concerned with climate change and the impact our lifestyles have on the environment, making conscious decisions about the yarns we buy is increasingly important. Making is central to lives of many of us: it feeds our brains and wellbeing and forms an important part of who we are. 

A pair of hands hold out three cotton buds

So if, like me, you're looking to reduce your household waste, create for the long-term and make better choices for the planet, here's some key facts about Scheepjes Organicon:
  • "Scheepjes Organicon holds the GOTS certification which guarantees through traceability that the cotton has been grown on organic certified fields without the use of chemical fertilisers, farmed in a sustainable manner and in a way that ensures the continuing fertility of the land it is grown on. The dyes used are also GOTS-certified and have the highest sustainability index possible for textile manufacture.

  • By harnessing a 100% biological wastewater treatment approach in the production process of Scheepjes Organicon, wastewater from the production of this yarn is safely recycled and repurposed.

  • A vegan friendly yarn is one that contains no animal products or by-products. From the dyes used to colour this yarn, to its 100% plant-based fibre, Scheepjes Organicon respects the welfare of animals and offers a high-quality alternative for all conscious crafters."
-- from the Scheepjes website, January 2020

Lots of words, I know, but it's important. 

So, what to make?

Knit up some effortless washcloths:
Three square washcloths hang on a row of wood pegs, in pink, coral and cream
Soft cotton washcloth pattern from Purl Soho

Or linen stitch tea towels, pattern also from Purl Soho:
A natural white and red striped knit hand towel hanging on a cream wall

Or maybe you know someone expecting a baby and want something extra gentle for their skin:

A small baby sleeps while wearing a silver textured knit bonnet
Fingering Entrechat Bonnet by Lisa Chemery

I'm still working on my hand woven facecloths, but they are off the loom and waiting for me to cut and sew the edges. I'll update on those soon!

The full colour range of Scheepjes Organicon

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