Scrap yarn taking over your life? Mine too!

April 26, 2018

If you're anything like me, you have loads of little (and medium and big) balls of leftover yarn floating around your house. Stuffed in bags, hidden away in a drawer, kicked under the couch. 

I can't bear to just throw them away, and they deserve a better end than that. So here's a few ideas for using them up super quickly!

Brand new from Stephen West is the Scraptastic Triangle: loops! Yarn held double! Crazy texture! All the madness we've come to expect!

Scraptastic triangle by Stephen West on Ravelry

Marley by Tincan Knits could be made using any combination of yarn weights held together (as long as you keep it consistent). If you have lots of DK / 8ply leftovers this would be so wonderful and huge and squishy!

Marley Blanket pattern by tincan knits on ravelry

For something a little more lightweight, you could go for either a crochet or knit scrappy blanket: 

The giant square scrap blanket by Laura Peters is free (hooray!)

or the Scraptastic Granny Blanket by bobwilson123 (also free, with a tutorial):

Or you could always go with the tried and true, and make some scrappy Super Simple Sockettes (also free, and by me!):


Do you have any great ways to use up leftovers? We'd love to hear them!



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