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May 29, 2018

After talking with my friend Jess about all the things she wanted her next project to be, I thought about what my list currently looks like. When I go to my wardrobe, what do I want to reach for, but isn't there? 

A relaxed fit, extra squishy, mid-weight jersey (or jumper or sweater or pullover, whichever term you prefer). I have a lot of cardigans, but only two garments that meet this criteria. And one is currently covered in pasta sauce, desperately needing a wash.

Blank Canvas sweater by Ysolda Teague

You really can't go past Ysolda's modern classic Blank Canvas, knit with 8ply yarn. Well thought out and carefully constructed to fit well. It would do nicely in Brooklyn Tweed Arbor, which works up with wonderful handle in stocking stitch. 

Lionheart 8ply hoody pattern by Jane Richmond

Lionheart by Jane Richmond not only has the cosiness factor, but the feel-good factor in that every purchase of the pattern is a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation. Knit in Quince & Co Phoebe, a squishy and bouncy and oh-so-cosy hand dyed merino. It also comes in kid sizes! 

Campside pullover double knit wool pattern

Alicia Plummer's Campside Pullover has been on my knit list ever since it was published. Simple, with enough detail to keep it interesting to knit but not too busy if you're looking for an understated look to go with everything. Those eyelets would shine in both Outlaw Yarn Nyx (for a bit of shine) or Vanitas (for a bit of that alpaca snuggle). 

Keera cable back knitting pattern

For a bit more interest, how about Keera by Isabell Kraemer? I love the back feature - a nice surprise after a plain front. For great stitch definition to really bring out those cables, Cascade 220 would be just right (and make for a reasonably priced sweater). 

Humulus simple colour work knitting pattern

Another one from Isabell Kreamer, Humulus is a good starting point if you'd like to try your hand a colour work. Again a great one for Cascade 220, or you could go for Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in order to get a tweedier look.

On my hunt i've come across a stack of kid patterns with the same ideas in mind - coming up next!

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