December 05, 2013

Yarn Crafts for Christmas

For the last two months we've had god's eyes hanging in the window. Twice this morning i've been asked how to make them, and at least that many more in the past week. They make great Christmas decorations and are super easy to put together. 

Seeing as I only have two hands and that isn't quite enough to photograph my own tutorial, here's a couple that go through the process:


Wikihow - How to make a god's eye

and's how to make a god's eye


Our popsicle sticks came from Warehouse Stationery, but I think collecting a bunch of sticks works just as well. Sitcks look a bit more organic and awesome, plus hunting for suitable sticks is fun for small people to do.


While i'm at it, we've put together DIY felt ball garland kits in both Christmas colours and anytime themes. Once i'm organised i'll get them online, but for now you can pick them in-store (they come in pizza boxes!).


My Sparkle's felt ball garland tutorial is the best i've found online - and her blog is super cute.


Want one more? How about pom poms for Christmas? Our Clover pom pom makers turn tedium into super-speedy, and it's a great way to use up leftover yarn. 


Do you have any awesome yarny non-knitting craft ideas? I'd love to hear them! And they may well end up in the shop window...

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